Fat Fast Update

Hey guys. Can anyone tell me if/when the updated version of the Fat Fast was published in the paper magazine? Also, is there any major differences? Thanks.

It was published a while back, issue 3 or 4. Basically, it gave a better way to figure up calories and provided some info about how to come off. Sorry, don’t have that issue anymore. A “friend” borrowed it. Tip: never loan out your paper copies of T-mag. They never come back!

Another quick question: Is it possible to order back issues? Or by subscribing this year, will i just get the first six? I’d really like to get my hands on the Fat Fast article.

Everything you need about Fat Fast is in the web articles and in the forum archives for free (not to say the paper issue isn’t worth subscribing to). There wasn’t that much new information in the paper version, just a paragraph or so with Brock suggesting a isocaloric diet after getting off FF.