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FAT FAST SUPPORT GROUP week of 03-19-2001

Hello everyone. I think the FFSG is a wonderful idea. I started this tread because the original message generates alot of replys, and we might get lost. I think we should refresh the tread every week to make it easier to follow. It will be more simple to keep track of everybody’s progress that way. If you disagree with me, just ignore this message. Ok, news from me. I’m 179 cm (5’10 1/2), starting weight 84.4 kg (187 lbs.). Today is my 4th day in the fat fast, I’m 79.4 kg. Lost about 1 inch midsection. I’m amazed how well I handle this diet so far. I’m always hungry (I feel like it’s lunch time…all the time), but my energy level is high. My goal is to stay on FF for 45 days, and I think I can achieve that. Last August, I weighted 158 lbs - 11% BF. My goal this year is 170 - 8%. I’m using MD6 (5 a day), Twinlab’s multivitamins/minerals/antioxydants, Androsol (35 sprays / twice a day). After 4 days, I’m getting used to have no food in my stomach, even if it sucks. But I want it bad! We can all do it!!!