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Fat Fast Support Group (Version 3.0)

The last Fat Fast support group ended a while back, and I think now (summer coming up) would be the best time to resurrect it to help out people either considering or undergoing it.

I’m on day 5… the energy has returned. My workouts are still kinda crappy but I can get through them. No loss in strength, but of course no gains either. I’m seeing results… my upper abs are starting to pop out and my man-boobs are completely gone! I’m only doing it for two weeks, and then I’ll use a modified Don’t Diet to come off of it. ALL HAIL FAT FAST!!!

I’m in…I started on Sunday. Energy is fine. Down two pounds so far. I’m shooting for about 1750 calories a day (per Brock’s formula), usually only able to choke down a little less than 1600. I’m going to do three cycles: four weeks fat fast, one week isocaloric. This cycle I’m also taking glutamine, creatine, MD6 and Methoxy. I haven’t been able to go to the gym this week because of work, but I’m doing some cardio every day.

Based on the volume/5x5 debate, I’m going to do 5x5 this first cycle, and try EDT the second cycle, and see how I perform best. Can’t wait to get back into the gym next week. What kind of workouts are you doing?

I’m in. I have to lose a few more pounds for the air force. I’ll keep the same basic workout that Brock set up, but add a little more aerobics.

I’m going to give it a shot in two weeks, when this phase is over. Good Luck!

I’m on day 25 of a planned 42 day fat fast. Beginning weight was 210 @ 17% bf. Yesterday I was 198 @ 11.5%, which equates to 13 lbs of fat loss and a 1 lb lean mass gain. I am cheating a little in that I’m using Surge post workout (4 times per week) but my caloric intake never exceeds 1500 per day. I’m also using Mag10, MD6, T2, and ZMA. I did this diet last year the same way with the exception of the Surge, and Androsol instead of Mag10. Last year I did well, but lost a little too much lean mass so I wanted to reduce that. The inclusion of the Surge and Mag10 seems to be taking care of that so far. The only other difference between this year and last in regard to diet is that I’m getting more omega 3 fatty acids via fish oil capsules and salmon, whereas last year I used mostly flax oil. Training for the first 3 weeks consisted of heavy sets (2-5 reps) to begin the workout, and finishing with an EDT 20 superset. This week and the next two I have kept the heavy sets at the beginning and changed the EDT superset to a 5x5 superset. I just can’t maintain the workrate during a true EDT superset this far into the diet.

I’m in as of today, 1st of May, and aim to stay on for at least a month. I really want a flat(er) gut by summer. Glad to see others have recently started and hope that our posts will help to keep each other motivated and on track to melting the flab! Engergy-Keep up the great progress! I’m taking md6, tribex, zma, and t2-pro as supplements and am eating food instead of the protein shakes. All Hail Fat Fast and Good Luck!

Day 31: bf is 10% at 196 lbs. Still sticking to the diet. I didn’t mention before that I started taking myostat about 2 weeks ago because I figured it wouldn’t make much difference in the short term. However, some of the other posts have reported some gains in a as little as a week or two, so maybe it is making a difference. How’s everybody else doing?

Day 2: Forgot to weigh in and take measurements yesterday before eating. Not a bad thing actually as it was a holiday weekend here in Holland and I ate and drank more than I should have done, but not excessively so. First day went reasonably well, but slept badly…possibly to taking my last dose of md6 too late in the day.

Start 1 May 2002
End 15 Jun 2002 planned
Height 6’1"
Weight 208 pounds
Waist 41
BF % 27 estimated
LBM 152 estimated
Goal 180 pounds
Lost 0 pounds
To go 28 pounds

Ugh…this looks like it’s going to be a challenge—what am I saying? Shit…this is going to be a bitch. I cannot believe that I have about 30 lbs or so to melt off…Sob! Give me strength! Wish me luck!

Day 3: Feeling okay…but didn’t sleep well last night. I did take the last doses of t2-pro and md6 before 6 pm. Now I’m wondering if the tribex and zma are effecting my sleep or the diet or a combination thereof? Weighed in at 93.7 kilos or approximately 206 lbs…about a 2 pound drop. May go roller blading in the park this morning as it’s sunny but cool. Ought to be good for a few laughs in nothing else.

The T2pro shouldn’t harm your sleeping patterns. It’s the MD6 being taken too late in the day, or the Tribex working well at raising your T level. Increased T levels will disrupt your sleeping patterns initially. In regard to the MD6, I try not to take any after 4pm, although I do usually go to sleep pretty early.

Days 4 and 5: Finally, some decent sleep happening…but still not enough. Energy, thanks for the feedback. I will try to get my last dose of MD6 in before 4 pm to see if that makes a difference. No weight change. I have eaten more food at breakfast and dinner as it was the weekend. Lunch remained the same. Will need to see results on Monday morning.

Day 6: Not a good start to the week. I’m up to 94.3 kg/207.5 lbs. Not sure if it was the extra protein and fat at breakfast and dinner, or did I ingest some carbs over the weekend by mistake or both? I did have some soup at a friend’s house yesterday for lunch but tried to avoid the noodles and the veg in it. Also, I noticed that when I ate more protein and fat and dinner time, my stomach felt not quite right afterwards-most likely it was too much food. Need to keep on eye on that. Back to strict dieting today. Will not panic over the 1.5 lbs put back on. I’m back to the gym today after a 10 day break.

Okay guys, I’m in as of this morning. I’m using whole foods and whey. Just had me some egg whites and flax oil. Supplementing with Androsol, MD6 and T2Pro. just ordered some regular T2 from DPS Nutrition. Should I stack or take one or the other? Also, what fiber supp is everyone using?

I read in article in a back issue of Testosterone, where the writer only ate Flax seed Oil and Protein drinks, has anyone tried it this way? What is a typical days worth of eating, is there a different artical i should read?

Well I started it yesterday. I’m shooting for 2200 Kcal/day. I’m weighing 355 right now, so my maintainence according to the Berardi formulas is around 4400 (225 lbs. LBM). What I did was order a protein blend from the Protein Factory: 20 lbs. of 50% CFM Whey Isolate, 40% Calcium Caseinate, 10% Milk Protein Isolate. I’m mixing 2 scoops of this with 1 1/3 tbsp of a 50:50 Flaxseed/Safflower Oil mix for 6 meals a day (3 hours apart). I’m also drinking a tablespoon of metamucil with my first and last meals, and have some peri-colace just in case I need it. As far as supplements I’m using MD6 (6 caps/day), ZMA, EPA/DHA, and a multivitamin (Twinlab Dual Tabs). For training I’m training Monday (Chest and Tris), Wednesday (Back and Bis), and Friday (Shoulders, Legs, Abs) with a 5x5 program with about 2 exercises per bodypart. I’m also finishing up with 30 minutes of aerobics on the treadmill. So far I feel pretty good but it’s been less than 24 hours. In the past when I’ve done a ketogenic diet I got really moody the second day and then started doing better. We’ll see how this goes. I’d like to stick to this program for 5 weeks and get down to 325 or below. Please feel free to critique my program I really need all the advice I can get. Oh yeah, I’m also going to try to get some Androsol and Power Drive. The Androsol of course to spare the LBM and the Power Drive to help with my mood and energy levels.

I did fat fast last year using only protein drinks and flax…i kept calories to about 1300 a day. It was very effective, but it was horrible–I felt horrible and my cravings were through the roof. I lasted three weeks. Actually, the last week I did “cheat” and actually eat one solid meal a day–usually a sausage and cream cheese. I dropped about 16 pounds, though.

I just started week three of Brock’s new fat fast. I’ve lost about five pounds in the last two weeks. Only one meal is a shake, and I’m eating about 1600 cal. a day. Progress is a little slower, but I feel like I’m coasting, which is a good thing. I see no problems sustaining this. My energy and workouts are good, and my moderate free day (I eat a lot of fruit, salad, and some sushi) sustains me.

My plan is four weeks fast, one week isocaloric, three cycles. Then re-evaluate. Please keep the posts coming–I find this thread very motivating. Sometimes this process feels endless.

Day 7: I am doing better today…the scale shows a bit of a drop again so I’m taking that as being back on track. Did not go to gym yesterday so I must go today. Was severely tempted to go off the diet last night…but stuck to my guns and was rewarded by the scale this morning. I’ll post measurements tomorrow morning for my first week results.

I agree with Kelly…we need to keep the posts happening here to keep us motivated! It’s helping me a lot to know that others are suffering to win the battle against the flab and are successful!

Kelly-Great job on losing the 5 pounds…fantastic! Great work! In my mind, as long as it’s coming, off albeit a bit slower than in the past, it’s important to feel that you have energy for working out and that you can survive on the calorie restrictions.

I am frustrated by the supposed step backwards yesterday morning, but will have to put that into perspective with tomorrow’s weigh-in and measurement taking. I am trying to focus on getting through this on a day-to-day basis knowing that lots of small losses will add up to a significant amount in 4 to 6 weeks’ time.

For those of you that might not know it, there is another thread of posts (see Brock’s Female Fat Fast) that is helping me as well. These threads are the story and progress of a woman named Laurie who has lost over 41 pounds on a “female” version of this diet…if she can do it, so can we…and, why not give Laurie some more support!

I tried the flax seed oil and protein and only last a couple of days when I do. My energy level is shot and I can’t concentrate. Eating solid food is much better for me. Particularly beef, salmon, and eggs. I have felt like total crap at times and eating steak and eggs makes me feel much better.

I’m going to try the protein/flax routine starting today since I feel like I’m at a plateau from my current keto diet, of which I’ve eaten food and higher cals than required of fat fast. Quick question, fat fast cals are at the most 1300 right?

To anyone reading. If my memory is off on what I am about to write please chime in and correct me. If I remember correct Brock Strasser used a formula based on the amount of lean body mass he had at the time to arrive at the number 1300 with 650 calories coming from fat and 650 coming from protein. I think it was .8 times the amount of lean body mass for the protein in grams and then convert that number into calories by multiplying by 4 and then match that with an equal number of calories of fat. For example I’m at 168 and 10.5 percent bodyfat meaning I’m carrying 150 lbs lean body mass. 150 * .8 = 120 so I need to get 120 grams of protein per day. 120 * 4 = 480 so I would need 480 calories from fat for a whopping total of 960 calories. After writing this 960 may be too low for me and that I shouldn’t go below 1300 but I’m going to do the 960 anyway starting tomorrow. As I look at the label of my Royal Pink Salmon each 7.5 oz can contains 17.5 grams of fat (157 calories) and 42 grams of protein (168 calories) making this the perfect fat fast food. If I eat three cans per day I will meet my quota per the formula and that’s what I am going to do starting tomorrow for three weeks. I’ll add a few leaves of lettuce, a few celery sticks and two to three servings of Metamucil per day along with twelve cups of coffee. I’m full into Meltdown now so by the end I should look like an extremely ripped 98 lb weakling. Then I can stablize at 160-165 for a month or so and begin 2 week cycles of Mag 10. I like this plan. Thanks for the post MS. You got me thinking.