Fat Fast Support Group- The Sage Continues

For all those on the Fat Fast Diet, here’s where you can post to trade ideas, give support or just go into a spastic rant 'cause, dammit, you really REALLY need a cookie!

The original thread was getting a little long. It’ll still be in here though so you can search it for info, but all new posts should be placed here. Thanks!

Must…eat…cookie, can’t…type any…longer!

Chris, you know the only reason you took off the original thread is so you can snag the credit for the FFSG. I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO I CREATED THE FFSG…nah i’m just joshin’ good luck all the FF is a bitch. By the way, is the site being reconstructed, the border is differernt, must be casue this is issue 150!!

Been on the FF for the past couple of months (with weekend breaks in between)and I couldn’t take it anymore!!! I went on a carb-eating binge tues night and I haven’t stopped yet!!! I think I ate about 4 boxes of girlscout cookies since then…I always stayed very strict on the diet but I just snapped! I lost a lot of weight but I think my body is starting to adapt to the diet now so I think its time I start putting on some muscle. I will start (the FF) again in a month or two but I know its time for a break. Well good luck to the rest of you FF’ers…and a word of advice…keep all girlscout cookies out of your house! :o)

I’m looking forward to monday! Can’t wait to see those abs.

Can’t wait to try the diet. Just ordered my Advanced Protein and will pick up flax and Udos today.

This morning was measurement time and time to step on the scale. It is Day 23 for me, I have so far lost 17 1/2 pounds and 3 inches off my waist line. The arm measurement was about an 1/8-1/4 inch smaller. As far as strength loss I have dropped 1 rep in my max lift in some shoulder presses, bench pressed, but the rest of my lifts for all other bodyparts hasn’t changed, I actually increased the weight in my Bicep curl max poundage 3 days ago. The last week the weight loss slowed down a little, I have only dropped 3 pounds in the last 7 days but I have dropped another 1/2 inch in my waist. The good thing is that I am starting to burn the stubborn fat in the waist area and between the shoulder blades. I am contemplating being a guinea pig for some of you and mabye having a carb meal Sunday night to see how that affects my body. If I do decide to I will post how it affects me as I get back into Ketosis. The only bad thing is the cost of the new clothes I will have to buy. My shirts will be ok but my pants and jeans are now getting to big. My jeans were a 34 and now I can almost pull these off without undoing them. To those on it Keep it up, the results sure are fullfilling and to those starting it, it is hard but worth it.

You guys probably won’t believe this but I think I’ve developed an eating disorder after doing FF for 3 weeks. Now I lost >10# and bodyfat came down ~4.5# (2%) but when I went off I expected to rebound from glycogen resupply/rehydration. I should have come back up by ~5#. I didn’t and still haven’t after 2 weeks off FF. Part of the problem is I can’t get back into eating carbs. I feel like crap if I try to take in more than 100+ g’s/day. I’ve tried to compensate calories by adding more whey and oil (still doing 4-5 shakes/day) and getting in 1-2 ‘normal’ meals. You might be able to beat me to death with a bananna but you couldn’t make me eat one. My weight isn’t coming up but I seem to still be getting leaner. I’m wasting a lot of Andro/Nandro if I’m not gaining lbm right now.

i just wanted to share my story from lastnight and today. last night i went to a ‘sleep over party’ at a friends house. there was popcorn, tons of ice cream, fresh cookies and soda. i drank my shake and then my water and kept thinking of shrinking. this morning was belgian waffles and maple syrup, i had a shake and water and kept thinking of shrinking. this afternoon i used power drive for a ‘boost’ for my horse show, and i never got fatigued - and i’m usually wiped afterwards, even on a ‘carb’ diet. i LOVE reading everyone’s posts about how much weight they’ve lost. it make this worth it, 'cause i can see my numbers fall and see where i’m going from all of your posts. thanks for all the encouragement, you have all helped me a lot! i have 12 days left, hopefully that will take off 10 pounds…here’s to all of us!!! raises mug of chocolate Advanced Protein

Waddup! Day 7 beginning and I’ve lost 11lbs. I feel like garbage but I’m charging on. I need some help. I’m following the diet to the T but my workouts are total shit. My actual strength is about the same but what the hell does it matter if I’m only making it through half my workouts? I’ve been taking MD6 and Powerdrive but I think at this point their just keeping me awake! I’m 9 weeks from a show and I need to drop about 25lbs but should I keep dieting at the expense of my workouts? Any help would be mucho appreciated. Keep on keeping on, FF’s!!!

Well I did what I had planned today. Ate 3 meals with carbs. I an see the difference in the fullness of my muscles. What I found weird was how full I was after each small meal that I ate. I would normally eat twice the amount of food that I ate. Either my brian was scared to take in food or my stomach really did shrink that much. It will be interesting to see how this normal eating day affects me. I will keep the updates coming.

What effect would using T2 in conjunction with the FF diet have?

Joe and I started the fat fast yesterday. We figured April 1st was the perfect day to play a prank on our stubborn fat. We are planning a full six weeks on it (though I doubt I will go that long - I have a lot less fat to lose). He will do a full six though and today is day 2.

Okay, today is my last day of freedom. I’ve been reading the FFSG gettin’ all geared up to do this. I’ve got a long way to go, I need to get out of offensive line shape and back into T-man shape. So, I’m in this for the long haul. Here is my question: I’ve got some Milk Protein Isolate on the way. I’m going to mix that with water and some flax. Is there anything I could add to improve the taste? I’ve read about Crystal Light, is there other stuff I may have missed? What about vanilla extract? Tomorrow morning, it’s on!

Bruscar: try Atkins syrup, it’s quite good and has no carbs.

bruscar: I have protein factory Low-carb vanilla and it tastes like ass. So, I like to mix a little bit of Jello sugar-free pudding in with it. Be careful though, 1/4 of a bag contains like 6g Carbs, so only use a little. I probably use only half a spoonful (~1 or 2 carbs) and it flavors it tremendously. -Epitome

Ok, I guess it’s time to jump into FFSG. Started today. I have already lost more than 70 lbs in 10 months with weight training and a low cal, high protien diet and later T-Dawg. Hit a plateau during the last month or so, but still have plenty of fat to lose. Shooting for 30 days. Started Tribex 3 weeks ago. Will use MD6, Advanced Protien, Flax oil and Androsol (35 sprays X 2). Wish me luck!

Well it is day 26 now and my body seemed to react really well to the carb meals that I had on Sunday. My muscles were fuller when I was at the gym yesterday and my energy levels were through the roof. My weight has stayed the same at 17 1/2 pounds lost since I last weighed myself Saturday but I have lost another 1/8 of an inch in my waist. So far my waist has decreased 3 1/8 inches and some of my lifts have gone up again which really amazes me. My original plan was to stay on this until the 9th but I may hang on a bit longer to lean out some more. Hang in there people the results are worth the incredible effort.

I’m really crashing now. Weight loss has slowed and I am SO weak at the gym that I can barely finish my workouts. I was doing a one minute rest between sets, but now I can’t get my heartrate to slow down in one minute, so I’m lucky if I can keep it to a 2 minute rest. My cardio is pitiful too…I’m going to stick this out, but it’s getting harder. I am not haveing hunger pains at all anymore though so that is a good thing. Any advice for the extreme weakness? Is this just a ‘phase’?

Seeing as so many people are doing this, I would like to offer my free advice once again. 1. It is best not to just eat MRP’s and oil. Eat whole healthy foods as much as possible as they take more calories to burn and taste better.
2. Eat as much spinach, romaine lettuce, and other vegetables with few carbs other than fiber as possible. This has a good effect on health and is good to burn calories and it tastes good while on this diet.
3. Do not do the Fat Fast as outlined in T-Mag unless you are on legal or illegal steroids.
4. For those of you who are not on steroids, only go to 80-90% of your maintenance instead of 60% of your maintenance calories.
5. For those not on steroids, it is less effective to do a straight ketogenic diet. You should have one carb up meal every week, and one carb up day for every two weeks. So end of week one you would have a carb up meal, and at the end of week two you would carb up for a full day. Dont eat fat on these days though.
6. For those not on steroids, work out all of your muscle groups before you go back into ketosis. This is where full-body workouts are good. You do not want to workout while in ketosis as it wastes muscle.
7. For those not on steroids, do not do hard aerobics while in ketosis; this will waste muscle. Instead do slow aerobics and little things throughout the day which will up your metabolism. For example, standing instead of sitting will not burn muscle, but sprinting instead of walking will.
8. Drink as much water as possible.
9. Dont use creatine while in ketosis; it will just be wasted. It is good to use it during the carb-up however.
10. Do not do a hardcore mass gaining cycle after you finish. Carb up for a day with non-fat foods, and then shift to an iso-caloric diet eating fibrous carbs, healthy fats and protein for at least three weeks before you try and gain on the scales again. If you go straight into eating 5000 calories a day after being in ketosis for a few weeks you will just get fat.
I guess most of you already know that this is just the CKD plan. But, the straight fat fast plan will not work unless you take steroids and I would think even with steroids carbing up at least once every two weeks would be a good idea.