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Fat Fast Supplementation

Hi, I’m thinking of putting my lard covered ass into the fat fast diet for a month. My question is you have to use something like androsol or whatever to keep the good stuff right? - well is methoxy suitable instead of androsol? also, if anybody has done the diet - feel free to post your results.

I used the Fat Fast diet for 18 days. I used Androsol (70 sprays 2xd), MD6 (2 caps 3xd), Methoxy-7 (10ml 2xd) and T2 (1 cap 3xd) – and several tubs of Advanced Protein :slight_smile: Yes, I spend a lot on supplements; I consider the results well worth the money; YMMV. Post-diet analysis of my nutrition log (VITAL: make sure you keep one) showed an average consumption of 1320 calories/day, typically comprised of 45% protein, 43% fat and 12% carbs. I began at 172lb/21%BF e.g. 136lb lean mass and 36lb fat. At the end of day 18 (September 11th) I measured in at 160lb/15%BF, e.g. 136lb lean mass (unchanged!) and 22lb fat (14lb loss). I used a “maintenance” lifting routine, with 30 mins cardio 3 - 4 days per week (treadmill: 3.5mph/5mins warmup, 6mph/20mins, 3.5mph/5mins cooldown). Overall I was highly pleased with the results, and had little trouble sticking with the diet. FYI, although I did increase carb intake gradually after the diet, I gained back about 5lb within 10 days or so. I suspect most of that was water weight, as my BF only increased 1%. (All BF figures were obtained with 7-site skinfold caliper measurements). You may be able to achieve similar results without any supplements, or just using fewer than I did – however, I suspect that you will either lose less fat, or you will lose some lean mass, or more likely, both. Whatever you decide, I wish you good luck with your weight loss goals!

I’ve used both, individually and at the same time. My feeling was that both products did the job of preserving LBM just fine, but both at the same time did not produce cumulative results, so would do an either/or next time. A month is probably a long stretch for Androsol, so I would favour Methoxy. Alternatively, use Androsol for the first two weeks, then switch to methoxy for the second two. Some people like the feeling of being on Androsol, though personally I didin’t feel any different, but the results were there just the same.