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Fat Fast Results!!

After 21 days on the fat fast I could last no more. My plan was three weeks of the fast and I succeeded. My starting bodyweight was 214 lbs. at approx. 13-14% and I now sit at 194 lbs. at approx. 7-8% with my abs very visible along with obliques, intercostals, and serratus anterior. I’m very pleased with my results. I had very littl change in measurements other than my waist and I thank Androsol and Methoxy for this. My waist went from 37.5 inches to 33 inches. That’s 4.5 inches!! Arms, chest, legs all were within .25 inch of original measurement. I seriously doubt I will do this drastic of a diet ever again. If I do it will be a long long time. I now have this strange desire to powerlift and eat whatever I want in mass quantities. However, I’m currently slowly introducing carbs in my diet (10% weeks 1-2, 20% weeks 3-4, 30% weeks 5-6). I’m now using Methoxy, Vitex, fish oils, flax oils, and tapering off T2 and MD6 and caffeine. Everyone post your results and feel free to ask me questions about my fast.

Grewat results! Were you using the new MD6? If so, then why the added caffeine? The new MD6 is already super potent. I don’t think I’d need any extra stimulation. Also, are you now using the new Methoxy-7?

How are your carb cravings? I would think the MD6 is helping out a lot with that. I’d like to know how people have done after the diet… It seems really effective (how can it not be?) but there seems to be a “rebound” effect with some people.

Thanks for the report!
Please keep us updated over the next few weeks or so, longer if you could, and let us know how much of it you keep off. I’m very interested in seeing how this approach of gradually introducing carbs works. I hope you can keep it all off, except for that pesky water weight that always comes back after one of these diets. Though usually for me at least, it is only a few pounds.

I was actually using the old MD6 version at 6 caps a day with an extra 100mg of caffeine with each 2 cap dosage. It did wonders for my fat loss and sparing muscle but surprisingly I still had a huge appetite. I was also using the new Methoxy and I still am. I’ll keep you guys posted on how much I can keep off.

Awesome!!! This is great to hear, keep up
the good work. -


Scott, REMEMBER my warning. Be very fucking careful and observant of cravings. Please do not do what I did and give in.

Hey Scott, I am Kevin and i got a few questions to ask ya:

1>. Would this have a bad result in your glucose sensitivity later after you finish your program?
2>. What kind of routines do you use? Let’s say you can bench press for 200 lbs at 8 reps this week. What about next week? Will you do 200 lbs and aim for 8 reps or try to up the poundage?
3>.Do you use any Surge at all?
4>.I am at 5’6 157 lbs 12% bf (waist at 34-35" which is so bad)… wondering if this thing will work. I am afraid if i do this and start with caloric level too low, i will lose my muscle. Last week i do 2800 cals, this week(Sept 10), i did 2500 for 2 days and have been doing at 2300 from Wednesday till today.
5>. What protein powder do you use?
6>. Do you follow exactly the way how to determine the caloric intake to start the fast ?
7>. Why you introduce the carb slowly? How do you adjust your caloric intake now? How much do you increase it per week?

I need help and support with this.

Kevin, you asked many questions. I’ll do my best to answer them. The program does have a negative effect on glucose and insulin sensitivity. To counter this I’m using fish and flax oils (omega 3’s) and also ALA. This is why I’m introducing carbs slowly. I used the Don’t Diet program to figure out caloric intake but basically just guessed at 3,500 cals. I figure I can adjust if I gain too much back in the first week. I plan to stay at that caloric amount for 6-8 weeks to keep off the fat. This was the first fast I ever did so I was unsure about how many cals I should do. I started at about 1,700/day and finished at 1,400/day. I gradually decreased them because I was losing weight so I was burning less calories. I did a very good job guessing but I used Brock’s calorie prediction and added some because I have a fast metabolism. The worst part about the fast would have to be working out. I began to dread workouts towards the end because I was so exhausted all the time and my strength dropped incredibly. I was using Ian Kings Phase I stability program (limping & chest/back ones). The reason I did this was because I needed to focus on stability at this time and also it doesn’t require too much demand. I did cardio for 20-30 minutes 3x/week at 60-70%. My diet consisted of AP with flax oils. Every other day I would have real food, consisting of either eggs, salmon, or chicken. If you need more help just ask.

Hello im a high school football player. My favorite player is Ray Lewis. And this year he lost 20 lbs and has only 3% bodyfat. And I feel that being able to lose 20 lbs would make me a better player, and I would love to try to do the fat fast diet, but being that im in high school I dont really understand the diet from the webpages and wondered if the guy who lost 20 lbs in 3 weeks or so can help me with with my diet. And is those supplements necessary to achieve results. I dont expect to lose as much but to lose some, please help me.