Fat Fast Results

Hi, this question is for anyone who has had some success with the fat fast diet. I need to hit a diet hard for a few weeks post season just to drop some fat fast. I usually like to bulk post season because my strength is way down but I’ve gotten a little soft along the way and need to harden up a bit. What alterations did you guys make to the diet and how did it go for you?

Followed Fat Fast 2 for 3 weeks and the results were awesome. Dropped from 12% to 7% which was plenty low enough for me.

Worth mentioning, I skipped 10x3min rounds every day and did a lot of medicine ball work also - overhead/underhand throws etc.
Combined the results were fantastic.
I’ve always been to lazy to add any energy system work to lose wait and have always managed to get to the shape I wanted through diet alone.

But combined it was great, my gym workouts seemed far more productive in that I tired far less quickly and recovered far more quickly and was able to concentrate for the proceeding sets of squats, deads, cleans, snatches etc far more.

Im interested in hearing what adjustments people have made to the Fat Fast in order to either increase results, keep their strength levels up, or anything else to make it more bearable.


Those are awesome results dude: 12-7%. Hard to believe (I’m not doubting, just amazed).

I don’t know how on earth anyone could stay away from food for that long though. I mean, can you ever get satisfied from Flax and protein???

Um, there are plenty of fatty foods except for flax!


I used it as a fast-start plan on my last cutting phase. Worked fairly well. I did it without an androgen and a few more calories (about 70-80% of my RMR). I did kettlebell work as well. My energy levels started dropping after about two weeks, which is what I took as notice to reincorporate more carbs–then it was onwards and upwards to T-Dawg 2.0


I gave it a try a couple of months back and got some great results off of it. I’m definetly going to hit it again.

Click here for my fat fast results


Hey stu that’s awesome man, congrats. I know how good it feels, I lost 60 lbs this summer. I lost a little strength and muscle though with it. I just wanted to see how someone else reacted strength and feeling wise to a totally ketogenic diet. I bet the methoxy really helped you keep your size.

Good job stu, how’s the Mag-10 cycle going along?

I did the Mag-10 a while back and ended up over two weeks gaining a little over 10 lbs. After the extra glycogen (and accompanying water) left I settled out at the same skinfolds I started at but 8 lbs heavier. Which in my book is a darn good result. I’ve continued to bulk most of the summer and I’ve put on a few more lbs but nothing too serious (mountain biking makes it hard). So now I’m in to cutting mode again, I’m trying a milder diet than the fat fast this time but we’ll see how that goes.

I’m thinking if this doesn’t pan out to my satisfaction I’m going to fat fast with refeeds, just need to find something suitably anabolic. Of course living in Canada that’s a pain in the ass but. . .


Zulu, doesn’t fat fast call for flax and protein powder exclusively? The purpose is an extreme ketogenic phase with clear cut, calculated, caloric intake…or so I thought.

I just realized it’s fat fast 2 we’re talking about here. I did a search on T-Mag for “Fat Fast 2” but it spit out everything but results for my specific search.

Anyone know the issue?