Fat fast result Day 15

Before: 173 Lbs - 7¼ % FAT with bodycalipter (Futrex 11.8% Fat, 20lbs–>Fat 154lbs–>LBM )
After: 161 Lbs - 5 % FATS with bodycalipter (Futrex 7.8% Fat, 13lbs–> Fat 148lbs–>LBM)

Body calipter say that I lost 4.56Lbs of fat and 7.44 of LBS.

I think that it’s good results. I will take Androsol for the last 2 week.

Please give me your comments

I will have pcs at the end of the diet.


You seem to have everything dialed in there byp0. I remember seeing your results from before on your website a while ago. You come up with a plan, and stick to it. Good work, man. So you’re down to 5% bf now? I’m jealous dude. I tried a low-carb diet like that, and I felt like complete shit. I couldn’t finish 5 sets without feeling like I was going to pass out. I’m just going to cut my cals and give the massive eating principles a shot now. Low GI carbs & protein early, protein & fat late. Keep up the good work man, and have a great fuckin’ time in Miami (that’s where you’re headed, yeah?). Oh, and post some pictures when ya got 'em. -ryan

I’d be proud if I’d reached the stage that you were at when you last posted your pics - it’ll be a good while for me yet! (193@13%). Good going, and keep us posted.

great work bud, keep it up!

Thank to all, It’s sure that I will ahve pics at the end of the diet(in 2 week).