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Fat Fast Redux Support Group

I know people are gonna want to do it, thought I’d start the thread. Go ahead and list your measurements, proposed caloric intake, weight and cardio regimen and gripe away.

Bah, my adive (i am on day 4) is to not be a damn ninny. Use Berardi’s technique, and just get rid of everything in the house. If you have it, you’ll eventually eat it, so have someone you trust store all your food somewhere and keep lots of tea bags around.

Hunger pangs greatly decrease every day I feel.

Um, so you are or are not doing the fat fast?

well, i’ll post mine.

Goal:drop 12lbs in 4-6 weeks.

Diet:1300-1500/day. 200grams (800 cals)Protein, the rest healthy fats and minimal carbs from veggies.


Initial depletion workout, rest of time, Full Body: 2X8 of
Squat, Leg Curl, Row, Bench press, lateral, dips, hammer curls, seated calf raises.


Incline walking every morning. 10%incline @ 3.5mph for one hour. Possibly second session at end of day.

I’ve had some good results with this program from my last psmf/fat fast type program. I’m gonna give it another run before my Birthday in March.

Did Shuggs post what his starting caloric level was gonna be? Unless I’m blind, I don’t see it in his blog.

1300? 1400?? He did mention he wanted to up it from the original Fat Fast plan…

No, he didn’t, I’ll just adjust up or down as needed.

Are you all using prohormones?

no, just a multi and some fish oil. Was gonna use EC but I might be tested for it, so I can’t.

From the original fat fast:

"I’m actually hitting the scales at about 212 pounds now, but I want to be down to 185-ish …

… but I won’t ever let my total caloric intake exceed 1,300 calories per day"

I am very interested in how many cal’s Shugart is taking in and what his results will be.

I really like the idea of of PW carbs and the once a week “Cheat” meal of oatmeal.

No matter what I don’t think this is a horrible plan and will be giving it a shot in couple months after I get some heavy duty bulking done.

well, now you know how many cals shugart is taking in. At least approx. He said he’s taking in, what, 350 more than brock on weight training day? That’s about 8.5 cals per pound, which isn’t too extreme. SO there you go, people can give it a go now.

On day 9 right now. Am eating 4 shakes a day and 4 tbs of flax w/ 6 fish oil pills.

P/w/o I am taking 80% of a serving of recovery formula.

I take enriching greens and 2 scoops of metamucil. Other stuff too, but basically that’s the majority of it.

every other dayI have a piece of salmon in place of a shake and 3 fish oil pills.

Every fourth day I have a cheat meal.

In 8 days i’ve lost 7lbs.

For two days (day 6 and 7) i stayed teh same weight. Day 7 I had a cehat meal and at the beginning of day 9 I’ve lost another lb and a half.

I think people need to reread cheater’s diet.

Hey guys, I have been talking with Shugs and he said he is taking in at least 200g protein daily. With the other half of his calories coming from fat, that should put his intake around 1600 at least.
I started the Fat Fast Diet on Jan. 10.
My stats: relaxed measurements
Weight: 273 lbs.
Height: 5’11"
Shoulders: 55"
Chest: 47"
Stomach: 47"
Waist: 45 1/2"
Thigh: 29"
Calf: 18 1/4"
Bicep: 17"
Forearm: 13 3/4"
Body Fat Test:(Caliper Method-3 skinfold site) 17%, but I am thinking this is low. I am guessing actually 20%.
As of this writing, I have lost 4 pounds. I am eating at least 270g protein, and about 100g of fatfor an intake of roughly 2000 calories per day. I am also getting about thirty grams of fiber a day, which helps keep the digestive system happy.

My training is Waterbury’s TBT, no cardio yet. I will probably add that in once the initial drop in weight slows down (probably next week). I am using HOT-ROX, Alpha Male, Power Drive, Surge, and Low Carb Grow!, as well as a multi twice a day, 8 fish oil caps, 12 flax oil caps, 9 fiber caps, 2 teaspoons psyllium husk fiber, 4-6 tbsp ground flax seed.

My training is Waterbury’s TBT, no cardio yet. I will probably add that in once the initial drop in weight slows down (probably next week). I am using HOT-ROX, Alpha Male, Power Drive, Surge, and Low-Carb Grow!, as well as a multi twice a day, 8 fish oil caps, 12 flax oil caps, 9 fiber caps, 2 teaspoons psyllium husk fiber, 4-6 tbsp ground flax seed.

I’m doing the fat fast as well. I started on Monday of last week. After 5 days I broke down and binged on the weekend because of stress/depression induced by personal and work related stuff going on in my life.

With renewed determination I have started again two days ago and have actually felt better this time, not suffering from the nightmares I had the first go.(Last week, about three times, I had dreams where I struggled and eventually binged madly on cookies)

My fat fast looks like this…
2 tbs of coconut oil
1-2 tbs of flax seed oil
4-6 scoops of protein powder(22g of protein per scoop)
15-20 g of glutamine in 5g servings
10 oz of almonds

I take vitamin E, C, calcium, milk thistle, grape seed extract, ginsing/bee pollen, and yohimbe when I first get up.

As a thermogenic I’m using Ripped Fuel Extreme because I found a wonderful sale on it(Buy one get one free at Rite Aid). I take the first dose in the morning with a 12 hour sudafed caplet, and 2 aspirin. I also take an apple cider vinegar pill twice a day which also contains a few other natural metabolism boosters. The second dose of each of those is taken about 30 minutes before my workout.

For weights, I am doing a HIT-like program, 1 set per exercise to failure, 3 times a week. I am not doing much for cardio as I have a very active job anyway(8 hour shift doing cleaning and maintenance) and walk alot outside of work too. However, I’ve been using Chad Waterbury’s 100 rep a day plan on my off days as a sort of additional cardio.

Three times a day I take st johns wort(I have seratonin/stress issues), twice a day saw palmetto, four times a day grape seed extract, and another ginsing/bee pollen at night.

I take ZMA, and vallerian root at night, about 45-60 minutes before my last meal.

Postworkout I also take in 5g of creatine(I’ve been on this creatine cycle since last month, so its already loaded). As a treat, I’ll usually have .75 - 1 pound of steak after my lifts(the next meal after the postworkout shake).

Considering everyone elses schedules, I’m mildly embarrassed at how complicated mine appears in comparrison.

I forgot to mention I take a multivitamin and alot of potassium capsules.

I’m also wondering… has anyone had issue with their testicles clinging to their body most of the day? It is the same kind of occurence that one might have if dehydrated or just come in from the cold. I drink ALOT of water(1-2 gallons, not counting shakes) during the day, but I know I also go through alot of water(ketones, thermogenics, sweating ALOT between work and gym). They seem to be fine at night time when at home, and first thing in the morning. Do I need to drink MORE water?(I’m currently going in the bathroom about once an hour, and my urine is never worse then pale yellow, and usually is clear)

Hang in there, Moon Knight. About the diet, I mean. Posting your progress and telling everybody you meet about your diet will help keep you honest and on track.

My energy levels are surprisingly good for the lack of carbs. I am only using Surge on workout days of course, so my off days get only about 50-70g carbs. The most annoying thing is getting up in the middle of the night to pee like a racehorse. In the gym, my strength seems to be down a little, but not as much as I expected.

How are the rest of you guys doing?



That was me.


Good job stu.

Yeah, I kinda fell off the wagon last night. I had a huge steak and rice meal. But I’m right back on it today. I have another two weeks to go. I’m gonna switch to all solid foods because that definitely helps with the hunger.

I buy Biotest things, but I am not a huge “BUY BIOTEST OR DIE” kinda guy.

I will absolutely say this though: I’ve been doing Fat Fast for 10 days now. I have mixed Grow! and EAS’s protein. I have 4 shakes a day so 2 of each. I tried EAS for the first 3 meals and Grow! before bed. I’ve tried every variation.

Taking Grow! in the morning and at night is the best way for me. I took my first shake at 7:15 this morning and at noon I have my second shake. I couldn’t believe how full I felt compared to the last 9 days. If its psychological or not, I don’t care. Its a teeny bit more expensive, but its worth it.

On a side note, the diet is going very well. I had a cheat meal, but I planned it all along. A cheat meal every 4 days.

Things are going wel. Started 209.5 and am at 204. I cut creatine out of my diet this morning and will see if that makes a difference. I am on MAG-10 so I don’t plan on losing so much weight as I do BF.

Only 20 days left.

I read both of Brock’s articles and I am VERY interested as I have clients that could use this as well as myself. I would appreciate some feedback though, because eating half of your BMR is very extreme for anyone, drugs or not.

How many of you on here can attest to having tried the Fat Fast with success and lost VERY LITTLE LBM??? It’s just so hard to believe he lost no muscle…

Also, Prohormones are pretty much illegal now. Can this be done with any legal supps? Not just in theory, but has anyone successfully completed this with Methoxy-7 or other pro-natural-T products? I can’t see this working without some serious anabolics…

I have spent years and thousands of dollars building a LBM of near 200 pounds and I just don’t want to piss it away in 30 days with an extreme diet. However, if it does work I am GREAT at sticking verbatim to a diet regimine without any cheating. Which is why I am really interested to know if this really, really works?!

Please - any thoughts???