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Fat Fast Questions

Does eating whole food dimminsh results of the diet? I am at the end of day 3 and already craving any food. I was thinking of eating some eggs. Would the be wise?

Also, I am on an ECA stack and really don’t have the money for MD-6. Any suggestions to suppresing hunger pains? I was thinking to maybe start smoking again. JK :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help t-homies

md-6 is one of the cheapest ec stacks that you can buy. i have found it for about 18$.

anybody know about whole food question?

The diet calls for protein shakes and flax oil. Nobody said it was gonna be easy and thats one of the toughest diets here. However, if you contacted the author and asked them, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t see anything wrong with some eggs. You’ll have to check with them on that though.

I did a fat fast last year and dropped almost 20 pounds in about five weeks. I ate one real food meal a day for the bulk of the diet, and then bumped it up to two meals a day last week and a half or so, because I was going a little crazy. I ate either eggs or canned tuna (plain). It did not hurt my progress.

First off, the Fat Fast sucks. It’s effective, but not stupid.

“The measure of a diet should not be how miserable you feel while on it.” - Chris Shugart

The fat Fast, as originally laid out by Brock, is more of a test of will power than it is an effective fat loss regmine. There are many, MANY better ways which are much easier.

For example, if you’re into extreme dieting, check out Joel Marion’s “Cheater’s Diet” article.

If you want a moderate approach (which will NOT leave you feeling like shit and lifting half your previous poundages), try the T-Dawg diet.

Either of these options have been highly effective for many people, and they are a lot healthier.

However, to answer your question:

If anything, consuming whole foods in addtion to the whey/flax mix would make the diet MORE effective, and I would recommend it. The thermic effect (TEF) of whole food is much more substantial when consuming whole food as opposed to liquid meals. The increase–albeit slight–in your metabolic rate should facilitate in getting lean.

Hope this helps.

I would think that you could Fat Fast no problem with whole foods. I did it for a while (gonna start it again tomorrow) and my diet consisted of lean proteins and flax/olive oils.

I’m not really sure if there was some advantage to getting protein from high-quality isolates in shakes. I would think the bottom line is calories and 0 carbs.

One thing you might want to try is 3-4 Fat Fast days followed by one day of massive calories and high carbs, low fat, moderate protein. Since the Fat Fast is so low in calories, if your training schedule is frequent and intense, you should be entering ketosis at day 1.5-3 depending on how much exercise you get.

The carb spike in my opinion helps build muscle while the very low calorie days help you shed fat and water. Since there are 3-4 times as many low calorie days, I think the fat overspill from the massive carb/calorie day is negligible or even non-existant (or even very beneficial!) given the research on leptin levels and fat loss. I’m not a big believer in long-term ketosis from the standpoint of muscle loss and strength problems when you are depleted and wanting to train. It sucks to be in the gym, work your ass off, and not get a pump or the normal “fatigued” feeling. Trained muscles feel differently when depleted of glycogen.

Since the body aims for homeostasis, I’m pretty sure that this “yo-yo” caloric intake really keeps your body from adapting. That to me is key when wanting to either gain muscle (shocking them beyond belief in different ways) and losing fat.

Hope this helps.