Fat Fast Question

For those of you who have gone on the fat fast diet, what the heck do you do to stop from cheating?!? I mean, how do you stop yourself from going nuts and getting a whopper? What type of mental exercises would give a person self-control in such a low calorie state? I’m taking MD6, but at such low calories, I can’t help but dwell on food.

Go ahead and have a whopper–just eat the patty and cheese! Seriously, you can have a few sugarless sweets. Sugar-free Jello is a Fat Fast favorite.

Go ahead and have the whopper w/o the bun of course. Just figure out how many calories it is and simply have that many calories less via a shake. You don’t have to not eat regular food, just keep the calories low. By regular I mean stuff w/ no carbs.

This might be a little off-topic for the “everything else” forum, but I used Phentermine 30 mg/day, completely made me forget about food (kind of scary actually to not have any appetite, but perfect for the Fat Fast). You can go to yahoo and type in the name of the medicine and get an online prescription through numerous doctors. If you think this isn’t a “natural” solution, then you shouldn’t fool yourself into thinking that MD-6 is “natural” either(especially the first norephedrine-based version which you can still find in stock at some online supplement retailers.)

It takes 15 to 20 days for me to get accustomed to a restrictive diet. It sort of resembles getting used to being beat up. :slight_smile:

Mustang: I think that anything as drastic and tough as “Fat Fast” has to have a VERY strong “carrot at the end”. In other words, a very clear and strong goal and/or reason for us doing it. When a goal is clear, definable and STRONG, you will mentally be LESS likely to cheat. “To lose some fat” is a goal, but may be a little ambiguous and not very strong. “To lose fat and get cut for my first photo shoot and portfolio pics” is strong.

What MAKES a goal strong? That’s VERY individual. Hope this helps.