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Fat Fast Progress question


Been on the Fat Fast for two weeks... started at 190lbs and 17.3% BF (tested by me using the FatTrak digitial skinfold calipers, took it several times and averaged it out)...just weighed in this morning at 184lbs and 11.3% BF. At first glance, it looks like I lost 7lbs in two weeks which sucks for this extreme diet.. BUT, BUT, if my BF readings are accurate (and I have tried to keep the conditions as consistent as possible for the measurements), then in reality I lost 12lbs of fat and GAINED 6lbs of muscle. This, quite frankly I find hard to beleive. I have always been a hardgainer, and even though I'm doing ANdrosol 70sprays x2 a day, taking 6 (old, PPA) MD6 caps, 3 T-2 caps, and just started Tribex @ 4 caps x 2 a day, I still find it difficult to beleive that I could lose so much fat AND gain so much lean body mass at the same time. I would love for this to be true, beleive me, but I don't want to get too excited about something which may just be an error on my part. What do you guys think? Is this possible? Or is it more likely that my BF measurements are screwed up because I am not having them done by a "professional"?


Sounds highly unlikely, but weirder things have happened. I suppose if such a dramatic transformation had occurred, you'd see a HUGE difference in your physique. Do you? Also, how consistent do you think your weighings and bf measurements are? That could have a big impact on your numbers. But, that said, I think appearance is the bottom line.


Sorry mate, but I really just can't see that happening! It would be great though if it could! Despite the androsol and tribex, I just see no way you could actually gain 6lbs of muscle while losing 12lbs of fat in your situation at your level of calories. Have you been taking measurements of your arms, legs, delts, chest, etc? Have these increased at all? If they have, by some miracle you just may have gained muscle, but I see no possible way. I don't think you need a professional to do your measurements at all, however I don't think you should be relying on a bodyfat percentage given by your calipers. Personally I don't even bother with trying to find my bf% unless I want to get hydrostatic weighing done, there are too many factors for any of the caliper methods to be all that accurate. Just track your progress by whether your caliper measurements go down or not and most importantly, by how you look in the mirror. Use a tape measure on everything too, if your tape measurements on everything go down, but your caliper measurements don't, you know you're in trouble! If you only lost 6lbs in two weeks on fat fast, first that isn't all that bad, but evaluate your diet and see how many calories you really are getting and how much exercise you are doing. At the recommendations of fat fast, while using androsol and T2, you should be losing more than you are, so I think you should try cutting calories some more and upping exercise. Best of luck, cheers!


thanks for the input guys... yeah, I had a feeling that my "progress" was too good to be true. So now I go from being happy with my "progress" to feeling depressed as hell because I am on this extreme, insane diet, taking all the right supplements, taking in like 1300 calories a day of flax oil and protein.. and after two weeks I am down only 8 friggin pounds. Duchaine once said that keto diets arent "magic" and I guess he was right. Actually, this is i think the third time I've been on the fat fast diet, although this is the first time using T-2 (which I had hoped would keep my metabolism going strong despite the drop in calories). Damn, I don't know what else to do... more cardio? cardio twice a day? drop calories more? take more T-2? At 182 lbs and 11.4% bf, I ain't a big guy and I can't afford to lose muscle... I need some serious advice bro's! Just once before I die, I'd like to have a six pack.


How long have you been training? You can't expect a perfect body overnight. Dieting to rippedness whilst keeping all one's muscle mass is a tricky proposition.


Doug, I am not sure how long you have been bodybuilding, but perhaps the fat fast diet just isn't for you. A diet that works for a lot of other people isn't necessary going to work for you, it's a matter of your body's physiology. You have to experiment with different diet protocols and see how each different one reacts with your body. But also, did you just mention you have lost 8lbs in 2 weeks?? If that's true, and it's fat, then you're making great progress Doug! Do the math of your maintainence calories, taking in 1300cals a day, doing X amount worth of calorie burning during exercise, and chances are you won't be seeing yourself burning more than 2000cals a day from fat, or 4lbs a week of fat. It all depends on whether your metabolism is slow, normal or fast to begin with. The people who report the fantastic losses of fat, say like 6lbs a week, do the math again... they would have to be burning 3000 calories overall a day, which taking in 1300 calories and exercising say 600cals a day, means their maintenance is 4900calories a day, which is very high. If you consider yours to be a more normal metabolism, say 3500cals a day of normal eating, not massive eating style, then you are progressing just as you should be. I say stop being depressed because at 4lbs a week you should be happy! Stick it out for another week, if you lose another 4lbs (of fat), then think about that 12lbs in 3 weeks, a HUGE difference in how you look! If you are still making progress I don't recommend you changing anything right now, ignore the results others get, as the only important result is the one you get taking into consideration your body. There will always be others who can lose fat faster and gain muscle faster than the next person, it is nothing to worry about! I'm on a non-fat fast diet right now and I am losing 2lbs a week of fat, so SMILE Dougie because you are going to get where you want soon enough!!


Thanks Guys.... I feel better about my situation now. I will say that I have not had any energy lags and my strength has not gone down one bit in the gym, nor have i had mood problems etc... so it seems that I have been spared some of the side effects people have on the Fat Fast diet. I'm doing cardio more regularly now to accelerate things. You're right SBL, I get too caught up in the sometimes phenomenal progress of others on the diet and wonder why I'm not losing at the same rate.