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Fat Fast... Preventing Rebound?

Just starting day 1 of Fat Fast today to get cut up again before University starts, planning on doing two weeks with nothing but 1100 cals of Udo’s and Casein/Whey with Androsol, MD6 and 30g of Glutamine a day. This is after two weeks of more “normal” dieting. Now my question is, for you guys who’ve tried this diet out, I’m sure the metabolism is gonna drop like a motherfucker, so I was wondering how much fat rebound people who have used this diet had? If there wasn’t much, how did you minimize it? What is the best way to come off, to do a carb up identical to a CKD and then after for about 3-4 days gradually increase carbs and calories? Any sups to help keep the fat off and rev the metabolism back up? HCA maybe? Also, what type of results did you all have? Thanks!

If you’re only gonna follow it for 2 weeks then your metabolism shouldn’t drop significantly at all. It takes about that long for it to begin to drop so when you start eating normally again you’ll likely just gain back water weight really quick but that should be about it.

Personnally, I did a “fat fast” without carbing up for a month. The first week (adaptation) is hell. Motivation is shit. But remember this: THE HARDER IT IS TO LOSE THE WEIGHT, THE LONGER IT STAYS OFF. I have started carbing back up when I started having stomach ACHES (not cravings). Now I am on a Warrior-like diet, and plan on doing another month soon. I will keep you posted. That’s my 2 cents. Dan C.

Thanks for replying both of you, but Kelly, it’ll be my 4th week of dieting when the 2 week fat fast is over, as I mentioned that I’ve just finished 2 weeks of a more normal diet, of 40c40p20f (approx.) and 2100 cals/day. So most likely my metabolism has already dropped a bit and will continue to fall for the next two weeks. I’m sure I’ll get some serious rebound if I don’t come off right, so I was just hoping for some more comments on this.

Just a quick note , this diet was designed for someone whos taking anabolics or Androsol ,if you do this diet natural youll lose too much muscle . when coming of this diet you should monitor cals per day very carefully i’d add 200 -300cals every 2 weeks untill i reached maintanance levels , done any faster and you may risk rebound .good luck.

Not only a problem of low metabolism (or maybe not since you’re using MD-6), but also a problem of your body decreasing its production of digestive enzymes due to low calorie intake. This is why you can get stomach pains if you eat too much food too quickly because there ain’t enough enzymes to break down so much solid food. After ending four weeks on Fast Fast, I immediately used the MRP diet, ensuring adequate protein and calories but most importantly proper food absorbtion because your body uses less energy to break down liquids. Every two days, I gradually phased out my MRPs for solid foods. After one week, I resumed “normal” eating habits on the Warrior Diet (losing bf again too). Oh yeah, remember to chew your food into slop during your transition period. I also used digestive enzyme supplements although I’m not sure if that made a difference.