FAT FAST planning

planning on doing the fat fast diet, but have a few concerns.

first i am 5’10", 13 % bf 187lbs

figure my cal intake should be about 1150 to 1200 max.

i do cardio 5 days a week (20 mins upon wake)

and an addtional 20 mins cardio 3 times per week after weights

I will be using 5x5 training

I plan on using PVL’s Whey gourmay as my protein sources, and a flax/fish oil fat source.

My only concern is that if 50% is supose to be from fat and 50% fom protein, what about the carbs that are in the shakes, is this ok!

In short, no. Fat fast is 50% fat 50% protein. no carbs are allowed. You will have to use whole food unless you can find a protein shake that has 0 carbs, 0 sugar etc. Doesn’t sound too tasty to me