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Fat Fast or T-Dawg


I'm gonna go on my first cutting phase and I want to lose about 5 pounds of fat(mainly want to make my pecs show better, but back to the subject) and I was wondering if you would recomend to a beginning dieter the fat fast or the t-dawg? I know I could stick to a diet once I started it.


If all you are wanting to lose is 5 lbs. then I would suggest the Don't Diet plan. If you do it this way you will drop 5 lbs. in 2-3 weeks and probably get stronger if you keep your reps in the 4-6 range. But if you don't want to go with this, then T-Dawg would be the way to go. I think the Fat Fast might be a bit extreme for losing 5 lbs. Hope this helps.


Sorry if I'm insulting you, but looking at your stats, I'm assuming you're a female? As far as your Q is concerned, I would say t-dawg, as fat fast is pretty extreme for only 5 lbs. But if your a guy with those stats, you're gonna hafta gain some muscle to make your pecs show better.



Only 5 lbs? That isn't much so why are you dieting? If you are only looking for a 5lb decrease I recommend you give us your current diet and training regimen so we can "tweak" it a bit to drop those last stubborn 5lbs.



Welcome, First time poster I see.

As far as your diet choice both are great choices, while fat fast is quite a bit more extreme.

That said I would not suggest either @ this point for you. I would say you nail the basics first. Try this article.

A recent article by JB that lays out the basics.


I would say by taking the time to get the concepts he lays out in the article, you will probably lose those last few LBS. If not you will have a good base of knowledge and experience that you can transfer to a more dedicated cutting diet.

Other than that you may want to post your stats, current diet, and training. As stated by another poster I cant remember right now. It may simply take a simple tweak or two to get those last few lbs to come off.




Your goals are very modest, so there's no need to kill yourself. Go with the T-Dawg diet.