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Fat fast modifications, Shugart..Brock?

What would you all think about the idea of doing fat fast, but instead of doing 28 days do 14 days every now and again in between t-dawg and meltdwon to speed up fat loss a bit? I was think about doing fat fast for 2 weeks and then going back to thew t-dawg diet, do you think it would work? , do you think I would be able to reap half the benefits of doing a full month, also I think this would be alot easier to do than a full month and guys could do it every two months or so to spped up fast loss, what would you change about the fat fast diet to make it work for 14 days instead of 28, any ideas or suggestions welcome.



I’m not sure about your idea, but if you really want to speed up Fat Fast, use Mag-10 (half a cap per day) instead of only 4-AD-EC/Androsol. Using Androsol in the past, I lost 3 pounds a week. However, presently I’m using FF w/ Mag10 (week 3 now) and I’m losing 5 POUNDS of fat per week. Remember though that’s there’s still unanswered questions about TSH suppression w/ Mag10 (but since you wanna only use it for 2 weeks and then go off, it’ll be irrelevant for you as long you take appropiate steps for recovery).

Well, first remember that I’m not as up on keto diets as I used to be. I was never a huge fan of them, but I did get good results from low carb diets which lead TC and I to write the T-Dawg - what I think of as a “safe and sane” low carb diet but not a keto diet.

Currently, I see no reason to go below 100g of carbs per day. This number will lead to rapid fat loss (assuming you’re taking care of other things like training) without the negative sides of a pure keto diet. It also allows for a proper post-workout drink (about 50 carbs) and makes meals easier to prepare. I now recommend a nice chunk of carb intake for breakfast in the form of old fashioned oatmeal (no flavored crap), then another dose after training in a PW drink (Surge). The rest of the carbs can be spread evenly throughout the day with the lowest carb meal coming before bed.

Now, your idea sounds better than a straight Fat Fast. I’ve always thought that a Fat Fast would make a nice kick-off to a more sane plan. For example, do the Fat Fast for a week or two then go to the T-Dawg, then to the “Don’t Diet” approach. I like this mostly for the psychological effect - losing a bunch of weight in the beginning is motivational. I’m not crazy about a long term Fat Fast however. As I wrote in the “Things We’ve Learned” article, the effectiveness of a diet doesn’t have to be related to how miserable you feel when on it.

Long story short, the importance of post-workout nutrition trumps the “need” to be in ketosis, but a short Fat Fast to kick-off a long term plan sounds okay to me.

I’m doing the fat fast thing after having bulked twice this year. Been on it a couple days and the ketones finally hit me last night, had to piss about 6 times. Anyway, I’m doint 4-AD for the first 10 days, then switching to 1.5X the regular Methoxy-7 dose for the next 15 days, with 4 MD6 tabs/day. Right now I try and get about 8 oz of tuna and 8 oz of chicken, then milk protein (80 g). 2 eggs/day. After that I’m going to switch to a sane diet of mostly meat, eggs, nuts, cheese, oils, and greens. I’m doing meltdown on days 1,2,4,5, and 5X5 (bench, squat, pullup, deadlift, lat. raise) on day 6 to retain strength. I’ve seen growth on my quads and hams from meltdown, even though I’ve lost my pump.

I never had much of an appetite, so bulking was hell. I also haven’t been having a problem not eating, it’s a relief after months of forcefeeding. And my abs look better. I have lost some energy, of course, I get gassed a lot faster sparring now.

Yeh i was thinking that just to jumpstart my programs a little, cause i have been on the t-dawg since the beginning of last june, My progress has since slowed
I went from 32%bf at 269 and now im down to 21-22 at 249-250 and im trying to get down to 220 at 10% estimated…and im gonna try to incorporate meltdown plus a 1.5 or doubl dose of the original t2 to keep my metabolism going, and do fat fast for 2 weeks, but im not sure how to stop from gaining weight back when going back to more than 1600 cals a day? Any suggestions? also becuave I weight a bit more than brock did should i consume a tad bit more cals in the source of protein to stop over training.