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fat fast meals

this is my 4th day into the fat fast diet and i only eat protein with flax oil and 1 tuna meal everyday; i also have a 12/16 salmon pils a day but i think that i must try some real food without breaking the rules. Sometimes i have a peace of cheese bacon or ham but i think some of you who tried Fat Fast before might have some good recipes to share with us.
Your help will be much apreciated.

i did a fat fast and dropped something like 20-25 lbs in 3 weeks…so much weight that my recruiter told me to stop at that point cause i prolly woulda gotten turned down at my medical exam for loosing too much weight(i weighed in heavy the first time around) here’s how i got by…i bought some hormel peperonies(sp?) and some tobasco and i would take a 2 of them things and “glue” em together with tobasco. they were pretty tasty, and on saturdays i’d have a “keto-friendly” cheat meal consisting on chickenbreast with melted cheese and bacon on top. the diet still sucked, but it worked and keto-friendly cheating made it easier.

This one is easy and fast - one can of tuna, cheddar cheese and some spices. Put them in a container and mix well, then put into a toster oven on broil to melt the cheese.

In a fat fast meal diet can you use real mayo with the tuna? Seems like it has no carbs just mostly unsat. fats from oil and egg yolk. Now I don’t mean a huge amount but just enough to give it taste. Thanks.

I thought cheese was an unhealthy food option as its high in fat???

Jay, please read…A LOT.

On a hardcore Keto diet, fat is your friend. Otherwise, you just get really good at turning those sweet aminos that you’re putting in into glucose–i.e. gluconeogenesis. In other words, just eating protein on a keto diet will totally screw you, and you’ll never get the bad breath fat loss that you’re shooting for. Fat is your fuel and your friend. That’s why 1/2 your calories come from fat on this diet.

Cottage cheese, LC Vanilla Grow, and cinnamon.

Made to your preferred size, hand formed ground beef patty. Mix in trace amounts of garlic and diced green bell pepper blended into patty. 1 slice of cheese and 1-2 strips of bacon on top.
And there you have a TASTY meal using ONLY PROTEIN and FAT!

When I’m having trouble with compliance, I use:

  • 2 scoops strawberries and cream isopure
  • 7 tablespoons (scant 1/2 cup) of cream
  • artificial sweetener to taste.

Obviously, don't have this one for every meal on the diet--you wanna have mostly flax or Udo's choice.

Thanks for your help.
Today i have a morning low carb shake with flaxseed oil, 2 md6 4 salmon caps and 2 pieces of cheese(chedar), have some bike (45 minutes) in the mid of the morning, another low carb with flaxseed oil shake, 4 salmon caps and some tuna for the lunch, mid evening i run 30 minutes and have another low carb with flaxseed oil and 4 more salmon caps 2 md6 and 2 pieces of bacon and at this moment i will have another shake and some chiken. Is it bad ideia to mix shakes with real food? i feel ok with a litle piece of tuna or chiken with the shake (made with 0% fat milk)so i may go this way the rest of the time.
i started at 94 kg and know i?m with 88kg after 5 days but most from water retention.

Comment on the shake:

If you’re making it with milk (skim or not), you are adding a substantial amount of sugar and carbs. Are you sure you want to do that?

Keep the carb count low by mixing the shake with just plain old H20…

Thanks i will try to have my shakes mixed with ughhh… water! Is there something i can add to make it taste better?

Replying to two questions.
My favorite recipies for a fat fast are cube steak with several pieces of bacon covered in very sharp shredded cheese and microwaved to melt the cheese. I also like a slice of lower
carb cheese (my fav is Munster) with pepperoni on top, microwaved till cheese edges are brown.To make shakes mixed with water taste better, add heavy whipping cream. I also like to add Folgers coffee and Splenda sweetner for an early morning shake.

I make omlettes with perpperoni and shredded ‘taco seasoning’ cheese… DAMN TASTEY! I use it even when I’m not dieting.

I find that the stricter I stay to only MRP shakes the better I do on fat fast. The only item I cheat with is hard boiled eggs. I make deviled eggs with them. About 4 egg whites to one whole egg. Throw in a little mustard and mayo into the mix and stuff it back into the egg white shells. Not very gourmet but it works for me.

here are some foods you can eat while you are on FF; Beef, pork, lamb, chiken, turkey, fish (fresh), canned tuna and salmon, shellfish, egs, cheese, sourcream, nuts, canola oil, flaxseed oil, maionese, and some fruits/vegies.
with all this stuff i think you can eat better then ever, i hope you can cook

JOSE…Goodluck to you I just started Yesterday and it’s my 2nd day. I am doing well, but I am huuuuuungry! I had a salad last night w/ tuna and flax and seasoning as my dressing it was really good! how’s your progress?

Another good one - thick slice of ham with extra sharp white cheddar cheese on top. Put it in the toaster oven to broil. mmmmmmmmmmm…

Natrual peanut butter w/ cheese!!!mmmmmmmm,good. Not the skippy, or jiffy either.