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Fat Fast & Mag-10

Question for the experts like Bill Roberts or anyone: If I wanted to use Mag10 instead of Androsol on Fat Fast, what’s the equivelent dosage? (I know Androsol is cheaper but sometimes I just don’t want to spray my body.) In other words, how much Mag10 should I take to equal 35 sprays of Androsol 2x a day? I realize this may be a complicated question to answer but I’ll settle for a safe guess and then experiment this on my own.

I’d try half a cap per day.

EXCEPT, I can’t promise you MAG-10 is as low in suppression, at a moderate, anabolically equivalent dose, as Androsol is. Androsol is unexpectedly low in suppression.

So, your dosing protocol with Androsol may
maintain natural T better than an anabolically-equivalent dose of MAG-10. Or maybe the MAG-10 is as good in that regard – if Androst-1-ene acts like the chemically similar Primobolan in that regard then it would be – but that’s unproven as yet.