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Fat Fast, is it dead?

Just wondering if any T-men are still doing the fat fast out there? I haven’t seen a post in a couple of months. So far I’ve been on for 13 days and counting. Started at 247lbs, and right now I am running about 235lbs. I’ve read on a couple of posts that my metabolism will drop off around the 3-4th week, and fat loss will pretty much slow down and stop. Has anyone seen results past the 4th week? And what diet regime should I look into for a post-fat fast? I was thinking the T-dawg for 2 weeks at 500 cals below maintenance, then slowly increasing carbs by 50 grams every 3 days. How does this sound…any critiques or personal experiences? Thanks…

been on fast fat for 10 days, my fat drop is a little lower than yours but coming off none the less. I was actually going to research how to come off this diet as well, will keep you updated on what I find. I have emailed Cy and he has given me some helpfull advise regarding other aspects of the diet to maintain lean mass. I don’t know about you but I am getting a little tired of protien shakes and oil. Anyhow, good luck!

ric, yea the protein shakes are getting a little bit old, but the results are certainly worth it. Could you post some of the things Cy mentioned to preserve muscle mass? Maintaining muscle was my main concern coming into the diet. I found a pretty good way to kill hunger pangs besides using MD6. Add two servings of psyllium seed husks to a shake, and it will kill the pangs. Thanks and good luck also.

I was thinking about going on it. How beneficial would it be to do if I followed it all week and ate sensibly on the weekends or just do it for like a week or something. Is it even worth trying or should I not waste my time with that regimine?

Can you please post Cy’s recommendations?

Bump…Can anyone answer the above questions? Has anyone had success with the fat fast for a long period of time? Any suggestions?

Coming off the fast:

Chris pointed me to Issue 150:Appetite for Construction. In this, JMB discusses the best way to come off low-carb diets.


I’ve been on the fast for 14 days now and am down about 12 lbs. I plan on staying on it for another two weeks, if I can hold out that long. This is my second fast. I did my first last April, and that lasted 26 days. I lost approx. 20 lbs, all fat, and went from 24.5% bf to 13.3% I used, and am using now, MD6, T2, and Androsol, plus multis and a couple other vitamins. The goal this time is to get to 6-8% by the end of Feb.

In my limited experience, it’s true that anything past 4 weeks is serious overkill. I came off slowly the last time and lost another 5-10 lbs or so the following month just by keeping slightly below maintenance for calories and keeping my the workouts intense.

As a follow-up, the last time I did it I went with the Androsol at 35 sprays/day. This time I’m using 70. Anybody see any problems with sticking at 70 sprays/day for the next two weeks? As I recall, Androsol shows a much lower tendency to shut down natural T production than originally thought.

Thanks for the info cgeytraveler…I will check out the article. And good luck on your second time around Darth. I am also using 70 sprays/day…split morning and night. My workouts are brief, but intense using high weight for 8 - 10 reps that last ~45 min (4-day split during lunch, and 3-days of cardio on non-lifting days.)

I did the fat fast and lost 15 pounds of fat and 3 pounds of muscle in 4 weeks. That is alot of weight…I will never do the fat fast again without either light steroids like stanozolol or maybe Mag-10 for anabolic support. So yes, I am one of the fat fasters…just not right now, I’m bulking right now (thank god)