Fat Fast help

I know that this has been covered before but I wasn’t interested until lately and didn’t follow the info that closely, so I apologize for the repeat.
I am going to start the fat fast diet in the couple of weeks. I have read all the ariticles on T-mag and I would like to get feedback on others as to what changes i should make to it, if any.

Keep in mind that I won’t be using Androsol or Norandrosol as it is to costly up here. What other supplements can I use to prevent the loss of muscle.

Any help anyone of you who have used this diet can give me will be greatly appreciated.

I have used the fat fast to get from 198 lbs @ 24% body fat to 178 lbs @14/15% in only 3 weeks but i would have to continued on it for a while longer to get into the single digits of body fat but had to stop after a bad case of the flu which coupled with the diet totally ran me down.I too didn’t use androsol etc but i had great results and didn’t lose much muscle . All i did was that every 8th day i had a carb up of 1.5g of carbs to every pound of body weight my carbs were mainly obtained from oatmeal and potatoes and i stayed away from fruit due to the fructose and high insulin spike.i also found that taking a couple of servings of fish oil a day semmed to have a positive effect on the fat loss also although i can’t explain it.Also use the German Body Comp workouts from a bowlful of Jelly in this mag as they make all the difference.Goodluck

thanks for the input Bobby, i will look into the German Body Comp workout.