Fat Fast Help...

This helped me on my Fat Fast and I just thought I share it with you. After a complete review my doctor he suggested that I drastically change my drinking habits. I’m talking about water consumption you lush. He said because of bodybuilders above normal nutritional requirements he sees no reason why H2O should be any different. After several months messing around with certain daily figures he gives me a small kitchen timer set to 30 minutes. He says, “When this goes off drink 4-6 ounces of water, reset to 30 minutes and repeat until an hour before bed.”

Folks, two weeks has passed and I have never felt better and my fast has yielded better than expected results. Yeah the urnial and I are having a close relationship but I really think that this could help others. Let me know what you think.

JT-Thanks for the tip. I have been drinking a 20oz. glass 4 times per day plus my shakes. First two days on this diet suck big time but I am in day 5 and feel pretty good. Shed about 3 ibs. and noticed a good percentage of fat gone in all the right places. I’ll give you a good motivational tool. Went to the supermarket with my wife on Sunday. She found a piece of beef that weighed 12 ibs. in the case ( a tenderloin) She said “hey this is what you are losing out of your body man will you looked ripped!” A 12 ib. piece of beef is huge trust me. Good perspective for me to focus on. Any other fat fasters out there that want to throw in. Haven’t seen a support group post in awhile.

FYI-I am taking ZMA and Tribex plus a multiple vitamin to support me as well as an ephedra stack in the morning. Be quiet honest have not had this much energy in a long time and stregth has not fell off yet.

  • Take Care, hedo

I’m on my 11th day of my Fat Fast(started on 9/16/02). I’m aiming to stay on until October 17th when the wife and I land in St. Maarten. Already dropped from 232lbs to 220lbs with my waist measurement going from 38.75 to 37.25. I haven’t taken my body fat readings yet, but when I started it was 9.4% by calipers and 15% by electrical impedance. This is my fourth time doing this and it does get easier each time. The first week is hell(especially if your wife wants to go to the San Gennaro feast during that time, like my wife wanted to, and did, and took me along) and then everything levels out by the second week. I’m currently on Mag 10, MD6, T2, CLA and Myostat. This time around I figured I’d try Myostat to see if it would make any difference in my fat loss. I’m aiming for 30 days, so no conclusions yet. How’s everyone else on the Fat Fast holdin’ up?

Hey, thanks for the feedback. I’m taking 4-AD, MD6, and Methoxy-7, along with several vitamins. I can wait to get paid I’m going to buy some Low-Carb GROW! I’ve been using Zero Carb Isopure, it’s okay but still a whey isolate. I would prefer a variety of protien sources. Geez a few years back I wished I would have know about Biotest, I wouldn’t wasted my money on that other crap! What are you guys using as your fat sources? (Flax, Udo, mixture)

I am using organic flax oil in the shake. 5 teaspoons per day. I also munch a hard boiled egg once in awhile.

I’m currently using Organic high lignan flax oil, 3 tblsp., and Norwegian cod liver oil, 1 tblsp. When these run out I’m going to switch to Udo’s and Health from the Sun brand Omega-3 Fish Oil. Do you other guys count the fat in the eight or so scoops of Grow!(if you use Grow!) as one of your servings of fat(oil) for the day?