Fat Fast Help Pleaseeeeeeee

T Dudes! I Need Help… My fellow canadina brothers help please here … here…

Ok, to begin with I am 31yrs old 5.6 and 155lbs
Try to work out 5 days a week.
I wanted to go on FF so that I can be at 140lbs and lean and muscular…
Now if any body can give me the details as to how many calories I should eat, how much protein,oil,supplements that would be really helpful.
Also since I am very dumb at these can you also give the product names and where I can get?
Chris I checked out your website and came out without knowing what to order for FF plan…

So please bros help me out here, can some one tell me what I should be doing and how???

Thank You very very much.
I promise I will keep you posted every single detail
Good luck to you all and to me :frowning:

Well, much as I’d love to spoon-feed you everything that you could possibly need to achieve the body of your dreams, I’m afraid I have a pressing engagement with my fishtank.

So you should probably start reading the FAQ instead. It’ll make you less dumb.