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Fat Fast help/feedback

All ready T men and women, I’m going to start the fat fast right after Christmas. I’m 6’ tall @ 213 lbs and about 16% body fat by calipers. According to Brocks calculations for RMR I am at 3,052 calories a day. Does that mean that I can only consume, solid food and low carb MRPS, 1526 calories a day or 762 calories a day with the remainder coming from flax seed oil? Also, at 213 lbs how I am suppose to take in 329 grams of protein a day if I only take in 762 calories a day? I figured that based on 1.5 grams of protein times bodyweight. Or is that calculation different when on the fat fast?
Any recommendations on exercise or supplements? I’m planning on using the Meltdown routine and am actually quite pumped about using it. I’m going to take about a week and a half off from the gym prior to partaking on this reched diet, as I want to be fully rested from my last bulking phase.

As I recall, you don’t eat that much protein on the Fat Fast. And your diet should be half protein and half fat. You’ll need to use an anabolic so you won’t lose muscle. Brock used Androsol. 4-AD-EC replaced that. Re-read the articles. You don’t seemed to have caught all the info the first time around.

I have the paper issue in which Brock wrote the Fat Fast. I’ve read it over and over and I just want to make sure that I am eating half of the right calories. Do I split 1526 calories into half fat and half protein or 762 calories into half fat and half protein with another 764 coming from flax seed oil? That was my main question I guess. Thanks for the protein info.

Hi, JazNick. Be sure to listen to what Paul said about the androgen support on Fat Fast. It’s a key component of the diet if you wish to preserve LBM.

I’ve done Meltdown, and it’s not the type of workout you’re going to want to do on an extremly low-/no-carb diet. Meltdown is glycogen dependent. Go ahead and try it, but have a backup workout like Joel Marion’s Ripped, Rugged & Dense, which is a 5x5 strength program that is NOT glycogen dependent. Good luck to you!!!

(1526/2)/4 = 190g protein

(1526/2)/9 = 85g fat

did a search for fat fast but could not find it, only comments about it, can someone post a link please

Thanks for your info on workout program. What kind of problems did you have while doing Meltdown? Did you lose muscle or just energy level?
I do plan on using Mag-10 and 100 mg a day for 30 days, because I want to do this for 30 days and then I’ll ease into something like the T-Dawg diet with Tribex and M for a month and then I’ll go from there. Thanks.

Sorry dude I got it in the paper mag.

Did you guys really stay Carb-free for the duration of your Fat Fast?
Also, John Berardi recommends eating almost 70 carbs prior to a workout in which you lift right after waking up in the morning. What should I eat while on this diet? I’ve been having a Grow bar prior to lifting.

Thanks for the breakdown.