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Fat Fast for women

I really want to do fat fast, but do not want to take androgen or any other ‘testosterone raising’ supplement. Is it possible/safe/effective for me to do fat fast with just MD6? If not, what should i use? thanks for your responses, in advance.

You can probably minimize your fat loss if you use the following info:

-Take more calories than is recommended (200 or so)

-Carb Refeeds on saturday. That means eat high carb, low fat foods, about 1.50 x cal that you usually eat, spread the intake over 8 hours. Do not neglect your protein intake on saturday, either.

-Wake up in about the middle of your sleep to take a low-carb protein shake. You can add some fat to it if you wish. This is a CRUCIAL step, and is really not a pain in the ass. Just do it.

-Take it very easy on the cardio (no more than three x 20min at 70% max heart rate) sessions a week)…it’s that type of diet

That’s all you need to know! Now get crackin’!

Thank you so much for your help!! So with that plan, I can just take MD6 or something of that sort?

You can still use methoxy7, that’s not androgenic. I’d recommend the md6 too, t2/t2pro if you want as well.

Actually, the original Fat Fast plan suggets that you take in only “half” of your daily calories. Unless you’re supplementing with an androgen, that’s just sheer lunacy.

You would lose weight, yes, but a good bit of it would come from LBM, destroying your metabolism along with your appearance.

If you are going to give the Fat Fast I try, I would lower calories to no lower than 750 under your daily caloric needs. And, if you're going to do that, I would highly suggest Methoxy-7 to hold onto lean mass.

If you want to try the diet using only MD6 or another fatburner, You probably should only be in a negative energy balance of about ~500 calories due to diet, and create a further deficit through exercise.

Additionally, the Fat Fast suggests that you use protein powders and flax oil. Personally, it is my feeling that there is no need whatsoever to torture yourself in this way. It is more productive to incorporate whole food, as it has a much greater thermic effect than liquid protein.

Also, the Fat Fast does not really allow for adequate post work-out nutrition, so you may want to change that aspect of the diet.

Although I have tried the Fat Fast with fairly decent results, I personally feel that, for a woman who cannot use androgens to retain LBM, it's more trouble than it's worth.

That is, because you will not realistically be able to create the sort of caloric deficit the diet calls for, you will not lose fat at a rate that would make the diet worth the severity of it.

Personally, I feel that if you want to use a low-carb diet, you would be better served with the T-Dawg, maybe incorporating an additional weekly carb refeed, as previously suggested.

Hope this helps.

Would it be a waste to do fat fast using Methoxy-7, MD6, and using Low-carb grow as a meal replacement?

I would not say it would be a waste at all If anything, that would be the most productive of your “realistic” options. That is, as far as the Fat Fast is concerned.

Again, just make sure you keep your caloric intake high enough to prevent the loss of LBM. Good luck with diet!

Hope this helps.

is methoxy good enought to stop catabolism in women, what about the dosage any different?


Methoxy is good enough to stop catabolism in either men or women, assuming there is not a severe lack of calories.

Judging by what has been observed lately, Methoxy-7 is more effective in higher doses. Or, at least higher than the current label recommendation.

Bill was asked earlier this evening if the dosage should be different for women, but that is unknown. Therefore I would assume that if you decide to use a single dose, use that which is on the label, more only if you desire.

I am sorry I cannot offer further insight, but I hope this helps.

Okay, I’m doing the fat fast thing right now. I tried ten days on 4-AD and MD6 and found it to just not make the cut–lost a LOT of mass, not just water; no libido at all, but I was more aggressive (and smaller). Right now, I’m using a double Methoxy-7 (8 teaspoons/day) dose, 400mg Vitex, and have a skinfold test tomorrow, but my smoke and mirrors test is looking great. I was disappointed by 4-AD for cutting but I’m amazed at methoxy-7 for bulk. The 2X Methoxy should be fine for women, but eschew the Vitex.