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ok guys, reading about fat fast over the last couple of months has lead me to understand that you take in No carbs at all, now i could be wrong, but doesn’t cheese have carbs in it? I have seen people metion cheese and other similar foods as part of their fat fast diet?? SO, why don’t we use this tread to make a list of FAT FAST FOODS (including brands if possiable) to make the fat fast diet easier on all.

I don’t know about cheese in the US, but here in Australia non-processed cheddar cheese has about 0.1g/100g.

Real cheese has almost no carbs in it at all. I tryed the Fat Fast a while ago and ate nothing but protein shakes, psyllium husks, tuna, cheese and chicken for 6 weeks.

I don't think brands really matter here, just what kind of food it is.

I believe the FF is less than 20 g per day, not 0, but 20 is extremely easy to hit.

This is a great topic and would help a lot if anyone could contribute! Thanks

Cheese like cheddar cheese or swiss cheese doesn’t really have any carbs in it. Just fat and protein.

Cottage cheese, however, does have carbs.

Steak, chicken and fish. Add some low carb veggeis & salad, nuts and cheese and you have all you need for fat fast.

After 5-6 low-carb diet phases over the last 8 years, I’ve concluded that a post workout carb/pro shake (Surge);

  1. Helps retain muscle mass
  2. REALLY helps reduce carb cravings
  3. Does not hinder fat loss

Otherwise, my carb intake stays below 20 grams for the rest of the day, and on non-workout days.