Fat Fast, Fish Oil and the Return of a Lost Soul

Well after an absence of over 10 months to the forum and to training Im back. Ill get straight to it. Im giving myself 8 months to transform my body - Ill give you all some specific long term goals in the next week - and I fully expect you to hold me accountable. Right now Im 207lbs and my goal is to get sub 200 after fat fast - hopfully to 195. Im 20 years old and Im 6 feet tall, my bf% I would guess is 12-18%, I have no way of knowing and dont really care - I just wanna look good naked! Ive always been a ``thick`` kid, my in shape weight has been around 195 - 210 in the past - but all my muscle is gone at the moment. I plan to complete a short fat fast starting within the next few days (10 - 14 days long). I have had good success with it before but Im wondering about a slight modification. Is is possible to replace flax oil with salmon oil and expect a similar result - I would keep calories within the same range and would keep the rest of the diet the same. Im hoping to lose around 10 lbs, I know this seems high for 10-14 days - but fat fast has done amazing things for me in the past and I think I should be able to come close. Im wondering what type of training and diet you would suggest I should adopt coming off of fat fast.

I tend to rebound heavily - not because I put on fat easily but because of lack of discipline. Which is why I want to have a specific plan before I get there. Im familiar with most of the dieting strategies on T-mag (although I need to do some review), but im looking for tips from anyone who has has good success keeping gains made with fat fast in the past. As soon as I finish FF I want to start packing on as much muscle as I can - with a focus on my back as it is my weakest area, but Ill save questions relating to this for when I get there. Now Im going to go take a picture of my skinny/fat self (man do I ever hate looking skinny/fat) so that I can hang it on my wall and look at it every morning to give me some motivation. Sorry this is so long - THANKS! for all your help in advance. PS my old forum name has been used by someone else and I`m looking for a new one - any ideas?