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fat fast first week

After a long layoff due to a shoulder and knee injury, I am back in the gym. Since my Bf% probably has creeped up into the 20s, I wanted to jumpstart my progress by using Brock’s Fat Fast. After week 1, I am somewhat confused. I have kept cals low (1300-1500) and the ratios right around 50-50 w/ carbs less than 20 per day (Simply whey has a few carbs and with the price of flax oil, I can’t afford anything else right now). I get my protein from solids for my last meal of the day (egg whites, fat-free turkey, tuna, or salmon…all w/ tabasco). I take 3 Tbsp. of psyllium per day in divided doses to try and keep the plumbing intact. I am getting at least a gallon of H20…probably more.

I am using resistance training 3 days per week, 3 bodyparts per workout(chest/tris/shoulder,back/bis/abs,quad/hams/calf), around 6 work sets per bodypart. reps in the 8-12 range w/ 60sec rest periods. I do cardio on 3 of my off days for 20 min in HIIT style in the AM fasted.

Supps: My everyday stuff (multi, extra C, gingko, glucosamine/chondroitin, melatonin to sleep)

Ripped Fuel + green tea extract (500mg) + T2 (all 3x/day)

Androsol (35/35 as recommended)

Results of week 1:
less than 1% of bodyweight lost w/ no appearance change. pants fit the same.

I guess I expected a big water weight drop that told me that ketosis was working. Should I shut up and keep going? Is there a tweak or mistake I am missing?

My ideas:
Track water consumption more closely and make sure that I am getting at least a gallon and a half.

Could the small amount of carbs in simply whey be holding me back from full ketosis?

Is there too much sodium in tabasco and turkey slices and eating that at night is making me retain excess water?

Do I need to take a 10 pound dump and am so stupid from carb depletion I don’t even know it?

It’s kinda hard to tell. If I knew your stats, it might be easier to figure things out. First, are you peeing like 15 times a day? If so, this is a good indicator that you are creeping into ketosis. Next, Since you have been on a recovery, and are now hitting things hard, your glycogen stores could still be somewhat full. Do a search on “glycogen depletion workouts” and give it a shot, BUT only if you are fully recovered from your injury. Next question, what are you drinking post workout? According to Berardi, you can consume a serving of Surge, and not kill the state of ketosis, or near ketosis. Another option is to try the T-Dawg diet. I did the fat fast diet, and bonked big time from carb depletion, so the T-Dawg diet is a little more productive. Since you may still be recovering from the injury, the T-Dawg will be less of a shock on your body, and that could be a good thing. The newest paper issue, or online issue #173, has an excellent article, Meltdown Training, by Don Alessi. I plan to do this routine in about a week. Combine the T-Dawg with Meltdown, and see where it takes you. You can still use the same supplements, and they may work better for you. Hope this helps,-The Starkdog

thanks for the input. I had a couple of rough days w/ the carb depletion but feel fine now. I stand 6’3" and weigh 260#. I was at 12% BF last year at 224# (flotation) before my injury. I didn’t think about the glycogen stores. I will try a glycogen depletion workout this week. I am not using a post-workout drink at the moment (just having a P+F shake w/in 30 min. of finishing workout). I am pissing a lot and feel like I drink a lot.
Thanks again for the advice.