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Fat Fast Experiment

I’m considering trying the “Fat Fast Experiment” (http://www.testosterone.net/html/body_113fat.html). However, I don’t plan to run it for the 4 weeks in a row. Alternatively, over 5 weeks, I will have a week on the plan followed by a week off the plan (3 cycles on, 2 cycles off). After 5 weeks I will re-assess where I’m at.

How is this approach? Should I bother with the cycling or simply stick with the diet for its planned duration?

Also, during my “off” weeks, I will be maintaining my current fat-loss diet which is working, but slowy.

Has anybody tried this?

Well, when I’ve tried the diet I’ve been strictly on it during the workweek and then take the weekend off. During the weekend I eat pretty decently with occasional trips to Wendy’s :-)… anyhow, first time I was on it for about two weeks maybe three weeks and went down from 217 to 206. I stayed off for about two months and maintained around 207. I just got back on it and have gone down from 210 to 205 within my first week and a half. The thing definitely works… Try the cycling and see how it works. This thing works so well I think you’ll see good results no matter which approach you try