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Fat Fast Experiences

At the end of the month I am going to do 3 to 4 weeks of the “Fat Fast” diet. I will be finishing the Mag-10 plan then going to Mexico for business. I know I will eat too much and probably have too many Tecates. On personnel experience what supplementations do you recommended? Any protein drinks that are recommend on the calorie intake. What is the longest anyone has gone on this diet, and what is to long? I am looking for personnel experiences and opinions.

Whould Mag-10 or Myostat be better for keeping LBM then the Body Sprays?

MS, if I were you I’d save the Mag for bulking and instead use something like Androsol or 4-AD-EC.Because it’s more cost effective. If you pig out after this fat fastyou will be fatter than before you did the fast.Try adding carbs gradually after your fat fast.Go for 6 weeks of fast.You will like what it will do for you if you are a winner(as opposed to quitter).

The original fat fast recommended androsol so I would think Mag-10 (another prohormone…oops…i mean “pro-steroid”) would be more appropriate to preserve muscle mass but I think I would probably go w/ 4-AD-EC which is the replacement for Androsol. I, for one, will keep using Androsol cycles until the online retailers run out. I love the stuff.