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Fat Fast diet . . .

I nevre really gave much thought to the diets listed in T-mag because they seem extreme. However I think I am finally starting to maybe consider the fat fast. Who has done it with success? Did it kill you? You are left with 650 Kcals to use on shakes and maybe an egg. It sounds more like torture from day 1. Thoughts?

First off, are you female? If so then the Fat Fast may be tougher for you. I’m convinced that one reason why the diet works without the loss of muscle is the use of Androsol. Personally, I wouldn’t try the diet without it. So, if you’re female- no Androsol for you. You’d have to make adjustments, probably by upping the calories a bit. Second, based on reader feedback, yes, this diet is tough, but it works when followed correctly.

The most successful diet we’ve written about here at T-mag (once again, based on reader feedback) is the T-Dawg Diet, issue 83 and 86. I define successful as- it works for almost everyone and is fairly painless so people stick with it. I would start with the T-Dawg, or maybe the Delta 1250 Diet.

Being a fat fast veteran, I can say for me personally, the diet was no big deal. I am able to look past the discomfort and monotony that this diet posesses. I would agree with Chris another diet might be much better for a female, since the Androsol negates the muscle loss from such a radical diet. I would have to say FatFast is a awesome diet under the right circumstances. Brock is a genius…

On word of caution, coming off this diet needs to be handled gingerly, if not a person can definitley gain back all the fat they lost, and then some. (I’ve seen it happen to my training partner.)