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Fat Fast Diet

I’m now at Day 8. The diet is easy for me. The only think who scare me is the 10 LBS in less.
Is it normal ? I don’t want loose muscle!
I know that the majority is water. (maybe 6lbs, maybe 2 lbs of fat and 1 lbs of muscle)
But I don’t want loose 10 pound/week because I will look like a Abyssinian.I do not want to be sponsorised by “vision world”


I will take my body fat and my mesurement the next monday.

Don’t worry about losing 10 lbs per week every week. After your 1st week it won’t happen anymore as the initial losses are from mainly glycogen and water. You might lose 10 lbs first week, 5 lbs second, 3 lbs 3rd etc.

I don’t want loose all the pounds gained since September (154lbs to 172lbs 10%fat). I just want to drop to 5%BF. It’s 8.5lbs of fat to loose. I know that water and glycogen with come back rapidly but I dislike loosing weight. It is as if I saw all my pounds gained disappearing.