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Fat fast diet - working

Hi guys. Just thought I’d drop a line to advise that I’ve been on the above diet past three weeks and went for a composition test which saw a drop in BF% from 13 to 8. Not bad me thinks, and will continue for another week before starting a bulk phase. Current calorie consumption is 1500/day with a couple of swigs of Methoxy7. I trained for three days and threw in a 1/2 hour peddle on a cycle after each train. Oh, I lost 400grams of muscle in that time, though a small price for shedding a bit of blubber.

Nice work rowbie. I’m on day 10 (using EC,MD6,T3,Clen…), and dropping fat very quickly. I am concerned about jumping straight into a bulking phase, so I think I’ll follow JMB’s recommendations for 6 weeks to restore insulin sensitivity. My supplements guy has suggested using ‘Insulene’, ALA and chromium.

congrats Rowbie! a 5 percent bodyfat change is a ton!! did you use the new or old methoxy? T2? or just MD6 and Androsol? One of my buddies is getting married in 5 weeks, so in order to look good for my date, I am going to start the Fat Fast on monday (10Sep01) with the new Methoxy, T2, MD6, Vitex and Androsol. Also, After 3 weeks into it, I’m going to start doin’ Tribex and maybe some ZMA. Do you think this is a good protocal to follow? Any suggestions?

Hi mustang. The only main supplements to aid the the fat fast diet were standard thermogenic capsules(4 x taken every 2nd day)older version Methoxy7 (2 x 10mls taken daily) & MCT (3 x 15mls taken daily)for oil portion of the diet. Fat/oil made up 70% of the diet with protein making up the other 30%. Breakfast was 1 1/2 strips of bacon, & 2 x eggs. Lunch was 1/2 can (105grams) of salmon with MCT blended to a liquid. Mid-afternoon break was protein in water & dinner was a piece of steak with lettuce. I’m not too familar with some of the other supplements you mentioned, and we don’t have the luxury of importing Andro here into New Zealand. I took quite a few vitamins/minerals with chromium & vanadyl sulphate to retard insulin etc.I guess main thing is working out calories, I simply worked on 12cal./lb of ‘lean’ bodyweight and didn’t vary the amount on workout/non-workout dayz, as I wasn’t worried about adding any mass, though was trying to prevent lean loss where possible, hence I only lost 400grams which wasn’t too bad I guess.I’ve been on BodyOpus over the past year, and honestly found the fat fast diet a much quicker solution to dropping pure fat, over a much shorter period and alot less hassle (i.e. not having to carb load every two hours night/day!!)provided you can handle the cravings and making sure not to stand up too quickly to prevent fainting ;o).I’d be keen know things work out for you.