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Fat Fast diet week 1

I’m posting this so that in the future when others ponder fat fast they may be able to use some of my experiences to their benefit, also maybe to get some feed back like: OHMIGODYOUREGONNADIEAAAARRRRGHEATSOMECARBS! and such.

Started last tuesday, used, hydroxycut and optimum whey (biotest gear didn’t arrive yet and I was just too damn excited to wait any longer, tho I ordered the stuff on late friday hehe, I ordered some md6 and some methoxy7 along with the grow). Optimum whey, with flax oil and water tastes like… crap… still I was glad to drink it since I was so freakin hungry. First 4 days were ok, even easy. I got my biotest low carb grow in the mail on thrusday (bastards left it outside my apt door didn’t even have me sign for it…) and my taste buds thanked me for it, I thought damn this is gonna be easy.

I looked deflated in the mirror, and walking around was a pain, I felt like an old man. Skipped gym on tuesday since I really felt weak. Leg day on thursday, everything went ok, some poundages even improved, I felt great (really psyched) going to the gym (having eaten about 2 hours before) then as I changed into my gym clothes I was like: damn I’m tired already. Then came saturday, I stared mag10 (finished tribex and m) I did 2 doses 8-12 hours apart (later that day got like 3 big acne dealies, oh well). Saturday workout went horrible, my bench press reps declined, incline was ok. Triceps were damn tired, but weight/reps were comparable to the week before. Sunday, did back workout, reps and weight were ok, tho I had no energy, couldn’t do bicep workout due to pain in left elbow (did 1 set with 10 pounds more for weight on ezbar curls, tried doing more and didn’t want to kill myself). Monday… hunger is gone… I am beyond hunger, lost 9 pounds since last week I think that I lost as much water as I’m going to lose so next up is just fat (hopefully no muscle).

I do aprox 14ml of flax, with 1.5 scoops of low carb grow 5 times a day (I weighted 215 before starting at 6'3"), or a meal of eggs and cheese with aprox same calories (tho usually less fat then a shake). Starting to REALLY regret not buying any vanilla grow. My kitchen smells like grow, my office smells like grow and I think my clothes smell like grow. I don't think I have much of a keto breath, and I'm not too concerned about that, nor do I care enough to buy keto stix, I figure I'm not eating any large amount of carbs (I'm thinking 10-15 grams) so I should be ok. Going to do mag10 for another 12 days, then go on m7, tribex and m for the last 2 weeks (maybe less if progress stops or I see abs).

My mind is tired, my body is tired, but my will is so freakin strong. I did notice my mind being a bit slower, now its back to normal (or maybe I forgot what normal is?). hmmm what else can I say? sometimes when I squad down to do some cable work or what not, then get up rapidly I get a bit dizzy (this is due to low blood sugar level right? hmm I wonder when I will adapt fully). MD6 keeps me feeling well, and isn’t as spazzyfying as hydroxycut. I haven’t taken any fiber supplements or colon clense, my bowels seem to function fairly well, but again every other day or every 3rd day my evening meal would be fairly solid (3 eggs and 2 cheese, or was it 2 eggs and 3 cheese?). Gonna go to the store later and buy some hambuger meet to throw on the ol’ G. Foreman grill. I LOVE YOU GEORGIE!

Well its week 2 now, I wish it was freakin week 4, argh… I watch Tv and there’s cheese burgers flying around, I turn the channel and we’ve got a pizza/sandwich hybrid from some evil hellspawn coupling that I can’t even imagine, I go to the store to buy water and every other isle there’s donuts and pies. I go to the gym and after 8 reps I can
barely move the weight. Life is hard… then you die. Last Monday I weighed 206, today I’m 203, so losing a healthy 3 pounds per week (started at 215). Guess that’s aight… tho I wish I was losing more like 5 or 6 and
keeping all of the LBM. Mag-10 is working is my best guess, my strength didn’t drop any besides the initial loss during week 1, leg day is weird… I can do same poundages, like my legs aren’t effected by no carbs. Also another good benefit of Mag-10 is that it is keeping me from joining one of those boy bands, carb depleted and with about 8
pounds of water loss I’d still be the “buff one.” During shoulder day I hurt my back blade? hmm while doing forward lateral dumbell lifts for front delts, next time I’m just going to do side since it took a while for the back blade (I apologize for my deficiencies in the field of anatomy) to feel ok and not all sharp and painy like. I think that cuts are taking longer to heal with this reduced calorie diet (I get cut sometimes opening up computers on their sharp cases). Overall week 2 was better then week 1, I felt much more energetic (no longer a pain to walk up
stairs) and my workouts were better, thru out all this I was able to get a pump going (Brock said that he didn’t get pumps during his workouts… hmmm…) they weren’t “OHMIGODMYARMISGONNAEXPLODE” pumps, but they were pumps
nonetheless. I’ve reduced reps a bit, doing only till 8, then on the last set (4th or 3rd sometimes) I’d go up to
6th and fail there. I’m doing no cardio whatsoever (if I don’t lose a pound of bodyweight every 3-4 days I’m going to start tho). I find myself fantasizing about real food, solid food, tasty food, salty and sweet. I had this thought going like so: go buy some candy, you don’t have to eat it, just lick it a few times (haha… my brain is
trying to trick me into getting a craving so intense that I can’t resist, clever bastig). I’m really craving a hot dog right now, I can feel that thickness of the mystery meat in my mouth (wow that’s gay), put on it some ketchup.
Did you guys realize that ketchup has carbs? almost every damn thing in the store does. I’ve even looked at some atkin’s or carb watchers or something shakes out of curiosity, guess what they have like 10 grams of carbs in em. On Sunday I’ve bought a Jell-O bowl and cooked up some sugar free Jell-O in it (how ironic) been using that Jell-O mix thru the week to spice up the flavor of the shakes a bit. Eating that Jell-O was a bad idea… I’ve eaten about 2 cups worth of it at 7pm, tasted ok I guess not great, then at 8 it was time for the shake and I felt like: damn I’m stuffed I can’t drink this, I stopped being a little girl and chugged it down. I can see a difference in my midsection (things are looking nice in there, still it jiggles and we all know that muscle doesn’t jiggle), and also
in my shoulders, there a bit more visible now, also my biceps, where it meets the forearm is much thinner then before, rest of it looks the same (muscular wise). I think I got used to looking all carb/water depleted and flat
because I’m starting to think that I don’t look it. I think that my face is thinner too (but that could be cuz Brock said his was and I’m just imagining it). My mind is back to its original sharpness and I don’t get dizzy much more then the 1st week (when I stand up). I keep thinking to myself that ending the diet is going to be as hard as being on it, since I’m going to have to take in the carbs slooooow. I think I’ll start out by doing oatmeal(with milk) in the morning and then post workout simple sugar intake and increasing calories from whole food meats.

one last thing… YEEAAAARRRRGH!