Fat Fast Diet Questions

I’m wanting to get my fat self into some sort of decent shape. Currently I’m 5’11", 230lbs. 38-40" waist, and make a jiggling bowl of Jello look trim :slight_smile: Anyway I did a search on diets here at T-mag and found the Fat Fast died by Brock Strasser. For this TEMPORARY short term diet he took MD6 & Androsol to supplement his diet of flaxseed oil, Low-Carb GROW!, with a piece of tuna/hard cheese/hard boiled egg white now and again.

I realize that this diet will be as lovable as my ex-girlfriend, but if followed for a month will help me see my toes. After the month I’ll go with something a bit easier and healthier like the T-dawg II or Tom Venuto’s BFFM diet.

Anyway when I stopped into the Biotest store MD6 & Androsol aren’t offered anymore. Where did they go? Have they been replaced? Or has the FDA decided that I’m not smart enough to make informed decisions about my health?


I think you’d be better off just starting out with the T-Dawg 2.0.

It is much easier to follow and very effective.

I tried the Fat Fast. I never lasted longer than 10 days. So to do suppos you can do it a few different ways. You can try to find a bottle of Mag-10, or Ergopharm might still make the spray. Personally I like Ergopharm’s 1-ad the best, other than Mag-10. As for fat loss pills, go with Hot-Rox if you want to try it or if you want to go old school pick up some caffeine anhydrous and go to a gas station or Circle K and they have Ephedrine HCL there is a bronchiodilator. I’m stacking that with Caffeine Anhydrous now and all I can say is WHOA! It’s better than the original stuff.
As for what to take, try 200 mg of Caffeine with 12.5-25mg of Ephedrine HCL 1-2x a day

Hey, I too am currently doing the fat fast.

After a lot of thought I decided to go for M1t, to prevent muscle loss (cytomel being used too so this very important), I have heard people that have used methoxy-7 with good effect.

I am using nutrasport ECA stack instead of the MD6. Too early for results at the mo

Hope this helps

this diet works, it just hard.
It is great for people who have fallen off the bandwagon (ie former gym rats who are now fatties) these are the kind of people who:
A)know it is not a long term solution
B)will actually do it with out cheating every other meal
C)have muscle to keep the metabolism up
D) will train (hard)

if you are just a guy who has decided to lose some wieght then this is not for you. If you have some serious muscle under the shell (ie fat) then do it!
I would recommend hot rox OR EC(Y)
AND 4 AD-EC/Mag10

Just my suggestions:

Keep diet at ~2000 kcals (2 scoops LC grow and 1tbs flax/olive oil 6x aday = 2160). Use Hot rox. For a program, use the beginner’s blast off program, but keep the set/rep scheme at 4 sets of 6. Don’t kill yourself with the heaviest weight available, ease into it. After each workout, and on the day inbetween, do cardio. 20-30 min steady state should be fine. That’s the first two weeks. Second two weeks, just eliminate the last shake at the end of the day. That takes out 360 calories. Also, change three workouts to hiit. For example, mon, wed, and fri after workout do intervals. 3 min warm up, 5 sets of 30 fast, 60 sec slow, 3 min cooldown. Then, on tues, thurs, and sat, do steady state. That should do that, but when you come off the program, ease back up to 2000 cals, from lean meats and veggies. slowly work in oatmeal and fruits. Bump up calories slowly to what your new maintenance should be.

Thanks alot everyone.

I’ll do my shopping and let you know how it works in a month or so.

When using Mag-10 with Fat Fast (or any other extreme diet) would you use a full serving (6 caps) or a half serving (3 caps) every day?