Fat Fast Diet Questions

I am gonna start this diet but I was wondering if anyone that has tried it, do you eat normal on the weekends? And to keep my muscle i plan on using amino’s and creatine, this is my first diet so please help if im going about this wrong.

Fat fast has no cheat days and it is supposed to be used as a short term drastic diet. Personally, I think t-dawg 2.0 is a better choice. It’s not as drastic and will probably be easier to stick to. It works too if you follow it right.

Aminos and creatine to maintain your LBM? You’re gonna need some bigger guns than that. . .

I did the fat fast a while ago, if do a search for “couple of before pics” my thread should come up in the pics forum.

Personally I had great success with it, I used ECA and Methoxy 7 while doing it. The ECA was as an appetite suppressant and stimulant. The Methoxy was to maintain my LBM. There are no cheats on the fat fast so don’t get excited. I made it 3.5 weeks (then ran out of methoxy and quit) and dumped 20 lbs of ugly body fat. I actually got stronger too.

I would however present a word of caution. The fat fast has a high recidivism rate. While I didn’t gain back any of the fat (well, I’m starting to but it’s months later and I’m now bulking) I took 2 weeks to come off it. I started by allowing myself oatmeal in the morning for the first week and otherwise just eating more P+F the rest of the time. The second week I moved into all the veggies I wanted as well as oatmeal in the mornings. I really feel that the gradual return to normalacy was what kept me from making like a yo-yo.

I’ll tell you this is a painful diet and you really should take a good anabolic while you’re on it or you can kiss a lot of muscle mass good-bye. I would probably suggest starting with T-Dawg 2.0 as well, although the fat fast worked for me and I’m going to do it again in a couple of months after I’m done bulking. Try for the elusive single digit BF%.

Hope this helps.