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Fat Fast Diet --NEED HELP!

CT (or anyone else knowledeable),

I’ve been doing a slightly modified fat fast (I have a handfull of carbs in the diet, averaging about 50-60g/day).

The problem I’m having is that I can’t seem to eat enough. I figured my resting energy expenditure as being about 2000kcal/day. This past week I averaged probably 1300kcal/day. I’m not trying to restrict that much, I just can’t seem to eat much more than that. I’m keeping a log and that has definitely helped me make choices, but I’m finding that there are times that I have to force myself to eat something though I’m not hungry. Friday of this past week was my “big” day, I finished with 1630kcal.

I need some advice or assistance. I’m doing the OVT workouts and adding in 2 running workouts (intervals). My diet again is mainly protein (approx. 50% of my diet). The sources I’m using are low carb protein shakes, grilled chicken, tuna, and a little cheese. My fat sources are UDO’s oil, olive oil, and whatever comes from tuna, cheese or other meat sources.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. By the way, I’m 5’9 190 (not sure of my BF, last I checked was about 17%).

Thanks in advance for assistance

Based off my calculations (LBMX15)…your maintainence calories should be 2370 kcals. So, you are almost 1000 calories below maintainence…YOWSA!! You only want to be 500 under for fat loss (1870 kcals), so you are close…haha. You say that you are full and that you cant seem to eat more during the day. How many meals are you eating per day? You should be spacing your calories out through 6-8 meals per day. Which, comes to be about 311 kcals per meal if you are eating 6 times per day. Definetely manageable. As far as food choices, you seem to be on the right track. Since you are doing OVT, your protein intake should be high (which it is). You said that protein constituted 50% of your total calories…GOOD! Being that you are 190 lbs, you should be eating around 1.5-2.0 g/per lbs of bodyweight. I would lean more towards the 2.0, which would bring you to around 380 grams of protein per day. Chicken, ground turkey, tuna, lean beef, eggs, cottage cheese, whey powder should be the staples. As far as fat…flax, fish oil are essential and you are already taking those. Cheese, mixed nuts and natural peanut butter are other good choices. The mixed nuts and peanut butter will do a great job in helping you attain your calorie requirements. Both are a calorically dense…meaning, it won’t take much to of either to help up your calorie intake (a handful of nuts, one tablespoon of PB). Anyways, I hope this helps somewhat. If you’re lucky, Timbo or Tampa-Terry will add thier 2 cents.

Thanks for the input…

As far as your questions

  • yes, I am having between 5-7 meals/day, trying to avg around 300kcal/meal (obviously not always working).
  • when I did my calc, I didn’t base it on LBM, I did it based resting energy expenditure, but I did realize that this only what my body needs to maintain itself while not doing anything at all. Using your calc (of ~2300kcal) I’m probably going to have to add in one more meal to get to a fat-loss phase (i.e. up to about 1800kcal/day).
    Somethings I’ve found out:
  • I have realized how worthless some carbs are (yet what an effect they have on your mental state, such as cravings). Most are nothing but fillers and quickly add up without you realizing it.
  • Food logs are indispensable when trying to lose weight.It helps you realize the amounts of food you are eating and just how calorie dense some carbs/fats are. Also helps keep you accountable.

I guess my main fear is that if I cut too low, I’m going to adversely affect my metabolic rate at which point I’ll probably be burning off as much lean tissue as fat (obviously I don’t want that).

Any more advice would be eagerly accepted.