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Fat Fast Diet Help


whats up, once again I need advice from the guys who know alot about this stuff. Im just about to start the FF diet,and im
going to GNC today so I can buy the stuff for it,what do I need??


Which GNC are you going to? We need to know so one of our T-brothers can tackle you before you go in.

Just kidding. (But not really)

I think you'll find that the fat fast diet is several years old, and it has been somewhat replaced by the Velocity diet, which is pretty similar in nature. Either way you'll need:

A whole bunch of low-carb protein powder, as that's all you'll consume. Many people here (myself included) will tell you to go with the Low-Carb Grow! I can't gve you any other options as it's the only one I really like or use, but I can also afford to.

A big bag or two of milled flax seeds. That should be in a vaccum sealed bag with a re-sealable closure.

A whole bunch of fish oil capsules.

Some shaker cups.

That's it. By the way, everything but the Grow! can be bought in a decent grocery store or Cosco.


first of all syed if your going to gnc you are wasting your money.
second of all i know several differnet websites that sell top of the line nutrition products for 30-70% less than gnc. not to mention this T-Nation store, i've been purchasing M from them it is a good top of the line estrogen blocker for 17.99 plus shipping 4.00. i've yet to purchase anything else since i have about 25lbs of whey protien in my closet and like 1000 g's of creatine not to mention months worths of vitamins.



Please read "The Velocity Diet" articles before jumping onto the very outdated and very high failure rate Fat Fast. Just use our search engine.


Ok ill check out the Velocity diet,and ill also check and compare prices. Thanks guys,appreciate it.


Chris beat me to it.

The V-diet remains an excellent kickstart to a plan for those of us with lower bodyfat, and an excellent mainstay for people with higher bodyfat.

Check out the V-diet support threads as well.

Dan "Supplement Shill" McVicker