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Fat Fast Diet Help..

I want to try the fat fast diet in CT’s “The Beast Evolves” article. From what I read on the fat fast article TCs eats a lot more than half his REE…so I am a little confused. What nutrition ratios should I use and what amount of calories should i eat per day when training with CTs suggest OVT program. Also, how will my body recover after an OVT session if all i eat is fats and no carbs…

any ideas, I am really confused…

My recommendation is to go with something like the T-Dawg Diet rather than the Fat Fast.

Like TC has posted, the effectiveness of a diet isn’t porportional to the suffering required to adhere to it.

Asim, the link is http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=460766

But you’d be advised to have Plan B prepared before starting FF because people ususally count the days they stuck to the diet on one hand.

You can also do a search on the forum. People have tried every variation of FF that I can think of, some using shakes, some using whole food. It’s just a miserable diet with a high rebound effect.


If you do decide to do the FF diet, try to incorporate carbs slowly into your diet. What I mean is let’s say you get to 12 days (what I got to) don’t go crazy on the carbs after, start at a very low point. Then gradually bring carbs up. Like TT said it’s a miserable diet.

Your best bet is the T-dawg 2.0 like Chris King suggested. It is still kindof tough, but more tolerable.

Also if you think you got the juevos to do the FF diet all the way, really and I mean really get some Fiber supplement, your choice. Or your going to have to take some La Manz (sp?) classes. It’ll feel like your giving birth. Peace Out!!

Do a search for previous FF threads, as there should be plenty of info out there. I lasted about 38 days almost exactly a year ago, and it wasn’t fun. Effective, but not fun. And you can combat the rebound by titrating carbs back into your diet in the week or two after you finish.

I modified my diet a bit, adding just a smidge of high-fiber veggies or flax fiber every meal or two. I also incorporated psyllium husk twice per day.

For an even sticter version, check out the Protein Sparing Modified Fast…you should be able to google it.

The reason both of these have there place is because, in my opinion, they give the dieter a lot of bang for the buck in the first few weeks. There’s nothing worse than suffering through a new diet only to see minor changes in the early stages.

But remember, neither diet is a panacea. You still need to get your long-term eating plan in place.

I have actually started the diet and am finishing week 1. I am planning to follow Christian’s method and switch to the anabolic/regular keto diet after 2 weeks. I am using the fat fast as a jump start I guess, it really is difficult to continue at times I want to just puke.
But i’m sick of long term weight loss. I know I cant bulk and lose at the same time so I want to get rid of as much flab as possible before bulking properly. I have a pretty clean diet overall, before fat fast I came off the mutation series which took off 10 pnds of flab…but not enough for me yet

Any idea how I should introduce the anabolic diet after day 14…?