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Fat fast diet?-- HELP!

O.K sorry to post this but i just searched for the diet and came up with loads of posts saying how good it was but i couldn’t find the actual diet plan. Can someone please help me cuz i got a amatuer fight comming up and need to make weight.

Go to T-mag’s main page or “previous issues” and run a search. But first read the comments on the Dog Pound forum. Not everyone thinks this diet is so great.

Just look in the previous issues section. Type in your search there.

How far away is your fight?? You may not want to do this diet if you can avoid it. Your fighting will suffer greatly if you don’t have any carbs and if you do introduce carbs back into your diet before the fight chances are you will gain a lot of the weight back and not make weight anyways. If the fight is a ways off take your time and loose the weight gradually. If the fight is close well then learn your lesson for next time and start cutting sooner. We need more info to really help you. When is the fight? What is your weight/BF % now, and what are you trying to get down to. There are better people to answer this for you(PAtricia, boxeral etc) but this is my 2 cents, having done the diet before and experienced the weight gain associated from the reintroduction of carbs.

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This diet might not suit you because, your an athlete. Check out some other diets that are in this online mag.