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Fat Fast diet change

Can I replace Flax seed oil with Extra Virgin Olive oil? I am on a Greek island (Crete) and I cannot seem to find Flax seed oil. I should be able to find fish oil but hav not yet. When I ask someone they just tell me to eat the fish. Thanks.

You’ll lose out on some of the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids on metabolic rate. Extra virgin olive oil is a very different kind of fat, but it might just work. Only do it if you have access to fish oil or eat some salmon, sardines or other cold-water fish. Another good source of fat to consider would be medium chain triglycerides. Just some thoughts. Can you order supplements through the internet? There are tons of sites that sell flax oil and as long as the bottle is unopened, you don’t have to worry about the oxidation of flax oil.

Also can I just replace Flaxseed oil with Olive oil in case there is no Flax on the island.


Flax and olive oil have very different chemical structures for the most part. Flax oil is primarily polyunsatured with the majority as omega-3 fatty acids. Olive oil is primarily monounsaturated fatty acids.

Check out the "Fat Roundtable" article for more details.

Where on Crete do you live, bro? I am in Chania, on the western side. Ta leme argotera!

lucky dude, my father is from Crete, near Rethimno. I’m in NYC. I have not been there since 95. I miss it a lot.
Olive oil is a monosaturated fat and is thus different then Flaxseed. It is very healthy and clean to eat straight up. Definitely something to use in your diet. I also believe that fresh water fish have high Omega 3 fat while all of the fish in Crete are from salt water. You are probably out of luck on getting a high concentration of those EFA’s. Have fun, laters pk

Hey guys, I am also in Chania as well. Just got here two weeks ago and I am loving it. I will stay for the summer and will be going back and forth from Atnens to Chania. Legolas I am going to Planet Fitness just up the hill from Chania, do you know it? Small gym but close to me. Do you have any sources for Flax seed oil in Chania or fish oil? Thanks…

Mike: what direction from the city center is the Planet Fitness Gym? Is it on a main road on the lefthand side just beyond the city? I am in Nea Hora, which is just outside of Chania. If you were to continue walking away from the port along the waterfront for 2 miles or so west, you would run into it. I train at a little hole-in-the-wall gym called Atlas Gym. To be honest, it is one of the best places that I have ever trained at. Minimal crowds and everything that you need. As far as flax seed oil, you will not find it in Chania. I have searched all of the pharmacies and supplement shops without any luck. You can find the occasional DHA/EPA fish oil products, but they will cost you a hefty price because everything is imported. It would be best to have someone buy what you need and then send it to you. That is what I have been doing for awhile now. Just make sure that your packages do not weigh too much or are too large, because if they are then customs will stop them and charge you a HEFTY tax to release them to you. I cannot stress this enough. In addition, do not order anything from Netrition or any of the other on-line supplement stores because they use either Fed-Ex or UPS for shipping, and both of these are required by Greek law to send ALL of their packages through customs. Have all of your packages sent Parcel Post Air via the USPS. What brings you to Chania? Isn’t the sea the most beautiful one that you have ever seen? Have you ever been to a bar in the port called SCORPIO? Anyhow, if you have any further questions feel free to ask. Ta leme!