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Fat Fast Diet and Finasol?

I’m 2 days into the fat fast diet. In the December magazine article, Brock advocates using Methoxy7 and Androsol/Nandrosol religiously to combat catabolism. I was able to procure some finaplix for my “Livestock”, and made some finasol. I plan on doing the following schedule of supplementation:

Breakfast: Grow!, 5 caps of Tribex 500, 2-3 caps of MD6, 2 tablespoons of Methoxy7, 2g of l-arginine, 5g of glutamine, 3 tablespoons of flax oil, and 70 sprays of androsol with finaplix.
Midmorning: Advanced Protein
Lunch: Advanced Protein or Pro-Complex, and 2-3 caps MD6
Midafternoon: Advanced Protein and 5 caps of Tribex.
Dinner: 2 cans of tuna
Evening snack: Grow!, 5g of Glutamine, 2g of Arginine, 2 tablespoons of Methoxy7, 3 caps of ZMA, and 70 sprays of Nandrosol with finaplix.

Does anyone think this is a good supplementation and anti-catabolic cycle, or am I just being an overzealous supplement freak?

Well, some things you are doing are(I think) unnecessary. For starters I would not use Grow! b/c of the carb content. Instead I would just stick to Advanced Protein(tastes better too). Second, if you are taking finasol then there is no reason to take tribex b/c your test. is suppressed anyway. Next, regarding methoxy, I don’t think its necessary while taking finasol but if you still want to take it try spreading the doses out; like 1 tbsn several times a day. Bill Roberts has talked about how it only gets levels high for 4-6 hrs. and then its gone. Also, I don’t think you need arginine or extra glutamine but you can still take it if you want to. And, I think you should take some flax oil with every meal. This way you don’t get hungry as often. Also, I Like to use MD6 one capsule @ a time every couple of hours. All in all, I think you are being a little overzealous b/c all you really need for the fat fast is the following:
Finasol(one of them)
3)Advanced Protein
5)Udo’s/Flax oil
I hope this helps. Good luck on your diet. Its a bitch but damn does it work.

Forget the Grow in the morning and just take the protein supplement. You don’t want the carbs on the Fat Fast diet. All you want is the Protein and Fat.