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Fat fast diet, All Renegades and fat fast peeps read

Hey im a high school football player. I’m so interested in losing weight, and decreasing my body fat as fast can I can. Being in high school, I’m not exposed to supplements, and have no intention to at the time. I would like to know whats the fat fast. because I dont get the article. Please help me. And i would like to know the peeps results out there.

If you want to lose weight as fast as possbile, use a chainsaw. If you want to know about Fat Fast, use the search engine.

When you say you don’t “get” the article, do you mean you don’t understand it, or you don’t receive the paper mag?

With some SPECIFIC information I could help you but I do not know what you “don’t get.”
(see newbie post)

bro, you football season starts really soon, i wouldn’t fat fast now, its way too late for that. low carbs and sports almost never mix.

What’s not to get? It’s a fast, a diet if you will. In fact, it’s a ketogenic diet. The guy, Brock, who wrote it used Androsol as part of the diet. And why the hell do you need to loose weight for football… unless you’re a lard ass.