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Fat Fast Carb-up Questions

I’m currently on Day 10 of a slightly modified Fat Fast. I’ve dropped 10 pounds so far, the vast majority of which appears to be fat (and water), ie. no muscle. All is going well, and while the immediate rapid weight loss is over (when lots of it was water), the fat loss is still steady and pleasing.

I started at 165 pounds, now I’m 155 pounds (keep in mind I’m very short!). I’ve been consuming, on average, 1300 calories a day - 75% solid food (50/50 P/F) and using Methoxy-7 (Australia!), Tribex 500, and a crappy fat burner (bloody Australia, again!). The most pleasing thing is this combination has allowed me to maintain muscle. Side-note: this is my first time using Biotest products, and I’m bloody impressed!!!

Tomorrow, I am considering doing a carb-up, as part of my modified plan. I think consuming around maitenence calories should do the job, using massive eating protocols, yet only using P+C meals. Therefore, I'm going to consume 2500 calories (about 45C/45P/10F) as part of this carb-up. How does that sound, for a one-day carb-up? Has anybody got any experiences they'd like to share regarding such a protocol, or any recommendations?

Leading on from this, I’m wanting to get back into ketosis pretty quickly. Tomorrow, my carb-up day, is a non-training day. Today I did an intense deadlift workout (with no pump :(, bloody ketosis!). The day after tomorrow, how should I go about accelerating myself back into ketosis? I don’t have access to any supplements other than those I’ve listed, so ALA and the like are out of the question. I’m thinking that after waking, I will have a straight protein shake (no fat or carbs) and then do an intense full-body workout, followed by 20-30 minutes of slow cardio. After this, I will continue my version of the FF as outlined above. Alternatively, I might try some GPP and ab training. I’ll see how I feel.

How does this approach look, or am I wasting my time worrying about getting back into ketosis? Should I just let my body decide for me, and the day after my carb-up, just go back into my normal FF routine?

Sorry about the long post, but I’m never short of something to say, and have a thirst for learning and info. Thanks.


Surely, at least one T-Man has done a carb-up on the FF diet?

A friend of mine followed a modified fat fast diet for 2 weeks for a body for life type contest he was competing in. At the conclusion of the 2 weeks he followed a 3 day carb-up with good results. In your situation a one day carb up is probably not sufficient to give you much of a carb up…you could try 2 days which would probably give much better results. Regarding insulin potentiating substances what do you have available to use? chromium, vanadyl sulfate, magnesium, cinnamon?
Any of these will give ok results for getting back into ketosis.

I don’t have any specific insulin potentiating substances available to use.

I decided to go ahead and start my carb-up. Its currently mid-day here in OZ, and I’m two C+P meals in.

What is the rationale behind extending the carb-up to two days? Obviously ketosis will take longer to achieve afterwards. Will it have any benefit in terms of jolting my body back into a deeper fat burning state that a day-long carb-up? That is my main reason for it, to shock the body and get on with more fat loss.

Thanks =)

Get your hands on a copy of
Dan Duchaine’s “Body Opus”. There is a 48 hour carb up in there that has you taking in carbs every two hours for 48 hours. Yes, even during the night, but man it works and I think will give you the results you are looking for. It’s just too involved to go into detail here. Good Luck

It really takes at least 3 days to fully carb up but in bodyopus you can do it in 2 days by waking up every 2-3 hours during the night and eating. I don’t think it really matters how long your carb up is as to how long it takes you to get in ketosis. Your liver glycogen level is the first thing to fill whether it’s a 1 day carb up or 3 day carb up… you’ll be in ketosis again as soon as you re-deplete your liver glycogen…which shouldn’t be much longer then a day.

Thanks =)

…BTW, my modified FF rules!!!

I’ve dropped 2% body-fat in 10 days. After deciding upon extending my carb-up to two days, I hope for similar results in my second 10 day FF stint.

Once that concludes, I am considering another two day 2500 calorie carb-up. From then on, I will go iso-caloric for a week, maybe two, and then re-assess my goals. Most likely, I’ll head for some more fat loss. However, some Massive Eating combos, on lower calories, will probably be my approach (given I’ve lost the annoying amount that was really bugging me, I can now put up with some steadier fat-loss!).

Anyway, I recommend my modified FF to anybody. You do not need to consume protein and flax, solely, on the FF. I’m thinking maybe the anabolic nature of the steak, cheese and eggs that I’ve been consuming has been an improvement on the FF, maybe?!

Has anyone done something like fat fast during the week & then eaten like 12,000 calories from carbs, on sat. or something, like DiPasquale says in Anabolic Diet? How much of that would turn into fat?

Total energy balance has to be the key, I think. A 12,000 carb-up has got to be a bad thing? For me it wouldn’t work anyway.