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Fat Fast begins tomorrow!

Well, the time has come. Preparations are complete, and I start the Fat Fast tomorrow! I’ve gotta say that I’m pretty excited, but at the same time I’ve got this feeling of not wanting to lose any size, which I know I’m gunna do to some extent… [shrug] I’ll deal with it. Anyway, I’m going to be logging virtually everything, and I figure I’ll put it up on my website and post the URL so you guys can follow my progress and hopefully learn a few things, or help me out in some way if you feel so inclined. Well, time for my last dose of carbs for a month or so… [grin] LET’S GET READY TO RRRUMBLE…!!!

I start my own version today

keeping post workout carbs only

good luck

Good luck bud! Keep us posted.

I started yesterday, Sunday September 30. 1000 whole food calories. I’m keeping protein at about 60% just because I want a certain number of grams of the stuff =) My energy levels suffer in a massive way, so I’m only going to keep it up until Monday week (October 8) before going 2000 calories and Massive Eating combos. I like the kick start the FF gives, even if a lot of it is water weight, its a good psychological boost to keep dieting and see the real gains/losses from Don’t Diet & ME. Mark - interested in the web-site address?

Good on ya Mark! I’ll drink your ration of Fosters for you.

Hey BB - interesting that you’re so low on the calories. I’m taking in about 2000cals. I just couldn’t see the point in taking in half of maintenance. I tried something like the FF about 2 years ago with around 1200cals and dropped a shit load of muscle. But now my knowledge far surpasses what I knew before, so I should do ok this time. I haven’t put anything up on the site yet. I gotta get a Uni assignment finished then I can start work on it. Should have something up by the time the next issue of T-Mag comes out (net version). I’m also only doing it for a short time. I’ll be FFing for 2 weeks, before moving into a Massive Eating type regime but with less than maintenance cals. I think that’s the ‘Don’t Diet’ thing you are talking about. I’ll have to look that up. Don’t suppose you’ve got the URL handy…??? Time for another hit of ECA…! Oh, and I’m doing meltdown training too. If you’re gunna try it, take a freakin’ plastic bag!!! [grin]

2000 calories would be closer to a Massive Eating style intake and simply a straight keto-diet, both for me, and you (even though you’re taller and heavier). So in essence, you’re keto-ing, not necessarily fat fasting. I see how it is possible to lose muscle on the cals I’m taking in, but I did it earlier this year and managed to maintain as much muscle as one could reasonably expect to maintain on any diet. I did it for about two and a half weeks with a carb-up over two days in the middle. Methoxy-7-ing though, so that might explain it. My energy levels suffer massively, hence my 8 day FF this time before hitting a sane route. Additionally, I cut the workouts to 3 or 4 a week with no cardio, stopping short of failure.

As for "Don't Diet"/Massive Eating for fat-loss, the address is: http://www.testosterone.net/articles/167app.html


Na Na Na-Na Na! Just finished mine. Good luck guys!

BB - My training is about the same as yours, glad there’s no cardio… What type of Methoxy are you using??? And are you in Australia?

Mark - the old Methoxy-7. Its brilliant as far as I’m concerned. I’m using some left-over from the last FF I did. Unfortuantely given the exchange rate and the like, I don’t think I’ll be buying an Biotest supps in the near future. I’d love some MD6 for its anti-craving potential, not to mention the fact that I might feel half-awake if I take it, but being in Melbourne, Australia it is slightly impossible.

BB - I’ve never tried MD6, but I know that 2* NoDoz (caffeine), 2* Sudafed(Psuedo-Ephedrine), and 1* Aspirin (debatable…), works wonders. You won’t wanna eat shit when you take that once or twice a day. Strangely enough, although I’ve had good success with it before, this time it’s making me really agressive. I haven’t touched caffeine AT ALL in the last 2 months to sensitise myself to it, so maybe that’s it… I dunno. Meltdown training is going well, but I’m nearly blacking out with push-presses at times… [grin] And my butt just doesn’t wanna cooperate, no matter how much Metamucil I down… Hahahaha… ahh, the joys of keto diets…!

Mark - didn’t you load up on Tribulus? The consequent increase in T levels might explain your aggression. That homemade ECA-like stack is quite interesting, but probably something I’m not game experimenting with. Additionally, I’m not at all sensitive to caffine since my body is unfortunately extremely used to it.

Stu - how were your FF results?

Yeah, loaded up on Tribulus (good memory!). That could be it. I’m still throwing it down, along with a few other things. Dunno if it’s doing anything to help spare the muscle or though… [shrug]