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Fat Fast!! anyone else doin it??

today is day one of my mini fat fast diet. im going to do it for 11 days (seeing some friends i havent seen in a while and put on some extra lbs). i will be having 6 shakes a day, ripped fuel, and 300mg’s of 1-AD. ill keep u guys updated. if anyone else is doin this or has in the past and wants to share any experiences please go ahead.

man i guess no one else is doing this…anyhow im on day 3. first day i had 6 shakes with 22 protein and 10 ml of canola oil. second day had 4 shakes, turkey burger, and 2 eggs. shakes are starting to taste really bad. 2 days makes a big diff though i already look alot better…probably because i was coming off of a weekend carb binge so now all the water is lost and i look alot better…face is already thinner. the only thing that could keep a person on this diet is the way you look each new morning…feels great

I will be starting in couple of weeks, I have been on t-dawg diet for the last 4 weeks, and I was thinkin about doing fat fast for the last two weeks, I still have 1/2 bottle of Androsol left, hopefully I will be able to keep it up for 10-14 days. good to hear that U guys are seein results its good motivation

Blake - I am on week 3 of the fat fast. Dropped about 10ibs. of FAT from a fairly lean frame. Looking very cut up at this point. I am going to finish this week and then go to T-Dawg for 4 more weeks. Have you stayed under the 1300 cals. per day?
I am using 3 shakes with about 250cals./ea. and 5 tbsp. of flax seed oil per day. That’s about it other then an occassioanal handful of eggwhites. My supplements are a multi-vitamin, tribex-500, yohimbe. Also using an ephedra based fat burner in the morning and at noon. After a week this diet gets easy. I am showing signs of fatigue in the gym and will probably supplement with a creatine/glutamine drink prior to working out going forward. Good Luck.

i personally think itd be better done with lean steak and fishoil. but hey

Make sure you add at least 20 grams of fiber to that mix or you’ll be sorry!