Fat Fast/Androsol Question

Hi, I am in week four of the Fat Fast diet, using Androsol 70 sprays x2 a day… as brutal as the diet is, I would like to continue it as long as possible until I reach my desired goal of a six-pack. Although in Brock’s original article on the diet, he mentioned he wanted to do it for six weeks, I am concerned about HPTA shutdown because of the Androsol. I have already exceeded the two week label recommendation, so for all I know I am already experiencing HPTA inhibition. So I’m wondering if another two weeks of Androsol is going to make things worse? I have started to taper the dosages, now I am at 60 sprays x2 a day, and then I will go down to 50 x2 etc… It wasn’t clear in Brock’s article how he dealt with the issue of HPTA inhibition while on Androsol for six weeks (I assume he intended to use Androsol for the full length of the diet). Finally, once off Androsol, should the time off it always be at least double the time on? i.e. two weeks on, four off, or four weeks on, eight weeks off, etc? Thanks for the help!

I may be wrong, but I don’t think the article said to use full dosage. He only used 35/35 I think. That’s how he stayed on so long.