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Fat Fast Advice

Question for you Fat Fast veterans. How did you handle training during the fast? I remember reading Brock’s approach, but I’m thinking of experimenting with something different. Seeing as how all I’m trying to do is MAINTAIN muscle while dropping fat, I’m thinking of just doing two abbreviated workouts per week - just enough to give the old boys a jolt. I’ll probably do intervals once or twice a week to help keep my metabolism revved, something that slow-pace aerobics just can’t do. Any words of advice? A friend of mine wants to do the FF with me, but I’m trying to talk him out of it. He’s around 30% BF and doesn’t have a lot of experience with strength training. He seems sure that he can keep up with me, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

Probably not a smart idea to have your friend join, but don’t let that discourage him from starting a sensible diet and exercise regime. As for training while doing this diet, a week ago I was training four times a week on the FF. My workouts were based around a single compound exercise each day - squats, deads, rows, bench - and six 3 minute rounds of skipping as Coach Davies suggests. The weights weren’t too heavy and I stopped just short of failure given the low calories aren’t too helpful in the recovery process. Usually stuck to 5x5 to maintain strength as well as size.

If your lacking energy before the workout, an MD6 and one of your flax/protien shakes about 30 min before the workout always did the trick for me. As for an actual program, Brock outlined a resonable routine in the second Fat Fast article. ~Trance~

Has anybody done a meltdown cycle during your fat fast? 6 weeks or more? I’d be interested in hearing results.