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Fat Fast/4-AD-EC

I am going to be starting the Fat Fast diet within the next week or two, and I was wondering if 4-AD-EC will work just as well as Androsol. I would like to use Androsol as the diet recommends, but it seems to be discontinued. Thanks in advance for your help.

It is a better version of Androsol; so yes, it will work fine.

I’m doing a keto diet right now using 4AD-EC. I was a little dissapointed the first week because I didn’t feel a cns effect or a pumped vascular feel to my muscles like I did when dieting on androsol. But by the begining of my 2nd week my strength started to go through the roof on it. Actually better than androsol.

I did a fat fast diet last year with androsol for thirty days and lost 19 lbs of fat and 5 lbs of lean body mass. This year I’m doing the same thing except that I replaced androsol with mag10. As of day 31 I’ve lost 19 lbs of fat (again) but gained a little lean body mass. The only other change is that I’m using Surge post workout (weight training only). So you may want to consider mag10 for at least part of your diet.

How much MAG10 are you using? The full dose or just half?

1 full dose per day.