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Given we can’t get Androsol and MD6 here, it would take some serious Methoxy-7 and T2 supplies to Fat Fast effectively. Given the exchange rate and the fact I’m a student, its a little bit tough to do =( The thing is, I don’t want to have to start dieting now, given summer is a whole 3 months away. Add in the 3 months of walking around without a shirt and the associated maitenance + some dieting, you can see why FFB’s method is quite appealing =)

Big Bruva - well I’m plannin’ on FFing for two weeks beginning in October, then tapering back in the carbs over a further 4 week period. I went to the Ada St. Supplement store today (Brisbane, great (cheap) shop!), and only just realised we’ve got a few Methoxy products on our shelves. (They told me the only reason they’re here now is 'cos customs hasn’t got Methoxy on their list of bad shite, yet, so it’ll probably get yanked soon.) Thing is that it’s like AT LEAST $100 for a 30 day supply!!! I don’t think my budget will stretch that far. There’s also some decent (so they claim) Tribulus products around, and they weren’t too expensive, but then if you truly get what you pay for it has to make you wonder at these products. Still, I think I’ll have to give the Methoxy a miss, but I’ll load up on the Tribulus for an experiement. Oh, and in case you’re interested, I sourced out some Finaplix in OZ.

Mark, I’ve used Methoxy-7 on a semi-fat-fast before, with fabo results. However, that was a one off and I’ve recently been filtering my spare cash into investments (shesh, should be beer, I’m a poor student afterall!) so I can’t afford to do it again. I’m aware of the expensive Methoxy-7-like products available, but having used the real thing, I trust Biotest. Plus, the prices are pretty comparable anyway. I’d be interested to hear how the mass Tribulus experiment goes. Musashi, as poor as they are, have some pretty cheap Tribulus caps. As for the fina, I don’t have any knowledge whatsoever when it comes to 'roids, so I don’t even know anything about it. Not that I’m against them, I’m just at a point in my training where I’m not needing them. One day, I might, and I’m open to that =) Cheers.

right ok guys basically i take the cals recomended in the fat fast article but at the higher end of the scale if i rember right it is bmr * 0.75 that i use any way i eat one small quantity of protein and fat every hour that i am awake, especially making sure i get soem protein and fat immediatley before bed, as this staves off catobolism, i eat a rotation of tuna eggs chicken turkey steak lots of steak and fishoils and other fats also some other cold cuts off meat as they take my fancy, i find that get very close results to a proper fat fast with this after my first full week on fat fast i give myself a one hour window one day per week preferably after a workout where i get to eat what ever i want this includes cereals, bread fruit etc. i find this also lets u keep strength and muscle keeping and fat loss levels high not to mention the sanity aspect.

i find that just switching my routine over to a pavel-ish type thing with deadlifts bench chins and jandas with five reps on the bench and deadlift still as heavy as possible and a ladder on the chins and as many jandas i am able to keep most of my strength and become vascular and hard extremely quickly this also lets me keep near enough every ounce of muscle as i'm not wasting valuable energy on cardio. every day i do 25 swings and 30 snatches with each arm upon rising , i find this better than cardio also, instilling great cuts and vasularity in upperback shoulders traps and arms.

to let group know just had my one carb meal of the week and ate about 150 grams feel slightly bloated but energy has picked up and am feeling better, out look goof for following week, down about 7 lbs in first week more including water, but i know my bod pretty well so i can guess over all loss 10 lbs but three to four are watter.

keep in there guys and don’t be afraid to try it cause u don’t have any supps its just a matter of playiing with variables to yopu get it right.

Well Day 12 didnt start off to good. Here is the story. The new MD6 gets me really jacked!!! More then the old version and more then just plain ECA. Well I was so jacked that I went nuts and had a killer chest workout. I was pushing more weight then I normally do I. Well toward the end I thought i was gonna drop, i was so freakin dizzy and light headed after a set of incline dumbbell presses, it was a fucked up feeling. Without a doubt it was due to a lack of carbs in my system. Now did i stop there, hell no! Since i was so jacked, I just rested and finished pushing it as hard as I can. If anyone has looked at the old fat fast thread I do my normal workout on this, one body part a day. Then after, I did my 45 minutes of cardio, agian on the stepper I thought I was going down so like an idiot I just move to the bike. It wasn’t a good ride home let me tell ya. I had planned do take in some carbs on Sunday as I did this towards the end of my last fast and it really helped jump start the weight loss again, instead I made today my carb day. I was so light headed and shakin like you wouldn’t believe. After about 15 minutes I ingested some carbs I started feeling great again. This shouldn’t affect my fast too much as the carb day only helped me last time while I was on it. I will make sure form now on that I am not pushing it so hard as I don’t wanna get that I am gonna drop feeling again. Keep up the posting guys.

This is amazing, this is the first time to this web site and I run into this about fat fasting. I just came off of my second week of it five days on 2 days off five days on 2 days off for two months. I am looking good. For me I found once I am in ketoses I am good to go the first 2 to 3 days suck the big one, but once my body kicks over I am good. This is the fifth time I have done this and, the two most important things is have found is, pound the probiotics, all the supplements in the world whatever they are wont do a dame bit of good if your digestion system wont digest. I also found start tablespoons of peanut oil and sunflower seed oil helps immensely to keep my body from canablise any muscle
Just a thought

Well after week 1 of fat fast a total of 3 pounds was gone. Since that was pretty lame( last fat fast I lost 6 pounds the first week) I checked my diet and T-mag forum for assistance. After looking at what I was eating I realized that I had too many carbs (there are even a few carbs in fish oil caps and the new Methoxy). So now at 182 pounds I’m shooting for 150 g of protein 30 g of carbs (100 on workout days) and 60 g of fats. Also now realize that T2 is best taken with foods. Hope to have more promising news next weekend!

Day 13. Feel like stopping after Day 14 because 1) I’ve lost 16 lbs. in 13 days, 2) I’m running low on androsol, and 3) My workouts have gone to hell despite the 6 MD6 with extra caffeine taken daily. Weight workouts suck big time but cardio is okay. I get 8-9 hours of sleep every night but it feels like 4-5. PowerDrive helps in mid afternoons but soon after I’m sluggish as hell. I think my weight loss is probably like 10 lbs. of fat mass and 6 lbs. of fat free mass (5 lbs. of water and at most 1 lb. of lbm). My abs, obliques, serratus, and intercostals are all showing nicely. Obviously I need some encouragement from you t-dudes. It doesn’t help that I workout in a foo-foo gym with old fat ladies and TSD’s. I’ll keep everyone posted of my progress.

Hey Scott keep it up bro. If you can get more Androsol keep it going!! I was on it the fast for 30 something days last time and the last 2 weeks were actually easier then the first couple. You will always have the good and bad days, good and bad workouts but keep it going. Just keep reading this thread on the days you feel like packing it in. That is what I did to keep going. Keep it up bro, just think of the rewards!!

Hi Guys… well today is day 2, week 4 of my Fat Fast. I reported my earlier results in another post which has dissappeared, but I will restate them here. I am somewhat skeptical of my results, but I’ve strived to be as accurate as possible with my BF readings etc.

I started out on 8/13 at 190lbs and about 17% BF. Now as of 9/4, I am at 182 at 9.8% BF. Although my overall weight has not changed much, if you do the math it seems I have GAINED about 6.5 lbs of LBM and lost about 14.5 lbs of fat.

This seems somewhat impossible, I know, but there it is. Physically, I have not lost any strength in the gym, my pants are looser, and I am starting to see my upper abs and lower chest come in. Unfortunately, no veins are visible anywhere. I have never had a six pack in my life, so although I would love to be ripped right now, it just aint in the cards for me genetically. So I guess I am pleased with my progress. What I want of course is a miracle, you know, four weeks to a ripped me, but genetically again I’m just not set up for that.

My results seem on par with Brock’s in his initial “experiement”… although it is hard for me to beleive that I also gained muscle. I think this can be explained by the “nutrient partitioning” effects of Methoxy7, and of course the 70x2/day of Androsol. I also used 8 Tribex a day. I still want to take size measurements of my chest, arms and waist to see changes from my pre-diet measurements (I know for sure my waist has gone down).

Good to see everyone’s making progress! I’m starting my FF on Oct. 1st. Just getting the diet sorted out, all the different types of fats/oils, what meats I feel like, rounding up some pigs to munch on… also got a pile of Tribulus. It aint Tribex, but then it’s better than nothing. I’d try some Methoxy product too, only it’s out of my price range right about now. I’ll start using the Tribulus 3 weeks before I start FF, and 3 weeks into it. And for those of you wondering, that’s the only supplement I’ll be using (aside from straight whey protein).