Fat Fast 2001 - Support Group

I’m on Day 2 of my first Fat Fast. The only thing that is bothering me is my hunger pains. I took 6 MD6 yesterday with an extra 100mg of caffeine with each 2MD6 dosage. Still starving! Had a great workout though but now feeling very tired. New methoxy-7 hasn’t arrived yet but hopefully will soon so I can spare my lbm. Damn, 1600 cals/day is a bitch! Need some support here. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Scott- Dang, dude. Adding extra caffeine on top of two caps of MD6? When I fat fast, I try very hard to get no extra caffeine other than what’s in the MD6 or I wind up feeling even worse. I even switch from normal diet soda to only caffeine free varieties. To each his own. Also, I find that more caffeine just makes me hungrier, maybe it’s just me, though… there may be no physiological reason for that.

When I am hungry, it's almost exclusively because I have a psychological desire to eat/carb cravings. It's never that I need more food, really. If it's just a physical hunger that you're experiencing (i.e. stomach feeling empty) then in my experience, that will pass in a day or two. If it's psychological or you are having a mental urge to eat try extra 5-HTP instead of extra caffeine... or if you add the caffeine, try just adding it pre-workout if you find the need for an extra boost. Otherwise, after a week or so of this, you may wind up with no extra boost from the caffeine, or unable to function without it until you lay off of it for a few days. At least, that's what happens to me. Stay strong and you'll be seeing your abs in a few short weeks. As for me, it'll be at least 6 months... hmmm.. know of any medical schools looking for free liposuction patients to practice on? :o)

Hey, T-people
I’m thinking about trying the fat fast, but I’m currently in school taking a pretty tough class-load (org chem, etc). I’m worried about the brain drain most get on keto diets. Should I just wait until winter break or should I start now before classes get into full swing?

Day 4 here and another lb bits the dust. Workouts have been great so far and so has energy. Energy wasn’t really a problem for me last time either. As usual the up coming weekend will be the toughest with a couple of functions, my MD6 came today so that should give the pick up that i will need to get through.

On Day 4 today. Lost 6 lbs. already but I figure most (if not all) is water weight. I had been doing 40 carbs daily since I didn’t know that my Dave Alexander Omega 3’s Oil had 5 carbs per serving. I’m going to only do 1 tbsp. of that and 4-5 tbsp. of flax. That should give me 6-10g of EPA/DHA’s especially when I add some salmon on a few days a week. Still waiting on my the new Methoxy to arrive (problems with FedEx). I added extra caffeine to the MD6 because I’ve read that a 200mg caffeine to 20-25mg of ephedra is a good proportion to use. So far I’m mostly having stomach (physical) hunger pains with a few mental cravings. I’ll keep everyone posted on my progress.

Day 6: Feel like crap today. Must be in ketosis. Mental and physical exhaustion. Workouts are okay and cardio is good. Mental cravings are starting. One week (almost) down and two more to go. Anyone else on the Fast that could offer support/advice?

Scott - Are you taking your vitamins like a good boy? If you’re taking a multiple in the morning, might want to consider adding a B-Complex mid-day. B Vitamins are generally good for energy. Also, make sure you’re getting that multiple and Vitamin C (at least 1,000 mg/day… I take about 9,000 over three doses) seems to help me a lot with energy levels, not like a stimulant, just energy consistency.

Vitamin C will help prevent oxidative stress from your workouts.. maybe take one of your hits of vitamin C (say 1,000 mg) pre-workout. ALso, I've read that Vitamin E has been shown to help prevent muscle tissue breakdown... if that's true, couldn't it be anti-catabolic?

I even read some writer in a muscle magazine who told bodybuilders NOT to take vitamin E (idiot)… but his reason was that if it interfered with muscle break-down, then you may not build more muscle as much either. Anyway, if it can interfere with muscle breakdown that much, it may be extra beneficial to those on extreme fat-loss diets. What does anyone else think about that?

After doing fat fast several months ago with great results (liberated 10 pounds of mainly fat and more importantly could see my abs) its time to do it again. This time starting out at 185 and 12% bodyfat. Will be getting down to around 7% using 50 sprays of Nandrosol, 3 to 6 capsules of MD6, 1 to 3 capsules of T2 and also using Ribose C. This time simply keeping carbs around 100 grams with protein about 200 and fat taking up around 60 grams. As for inspiration… I find the first week is the toughest until I start seeing the results. And then I stay disciplined about eating. My weightlifting becomes average to below with cardio being just so-so. Main concern is on eating and getting cut. Since packing on muscle and getting lean is not gonna happen at the same time for me.

Tigger - You can’t get T2 from Biotest anymore. If you want to buy any, make sure you order it from netrition or some other site before it’s all gone. They aren’t going to be able to make it anymore. You may have already ordered it or read that info, but I wanted to make sure you had the heads up on it. Good luck!

Day 9 here and all is going well. Survived a weekend outing which was tough especially in this heat( Damn I want a cold beer!!!) Haven’t touched the scale or measured in a few days but can tell a difference in my clothes. Thank god my MD6 finally got here on Friday, I couldn’t imagine doing it without it.

Started my first fat fast yesterday. Am using 70 sprays Androsol, MD6 3x2, T2 3x1 and will use Power Drive before workouts. I usually take Surge post workout (3 scoops) but I think I might halve the amount whilst on the diet.
Stats from my Tanita are 227.5lbs @ 24.5%bf. I have 2.5 weeks before I go to Malaysia on holiday so I’m interested to see how much progress I can make in this relatively short period. Keep posting your progress guys & gals.

Day 10 here stepped on the scale and weighed myself this morning, then took out the tape measure. Weight loss is now at 11 pounds and have dropped a 1 1/4 off my waist, arm measurement is the same. Feel a lot better today then I have, get through the first week and it gets easier, epecially the second time around. Keep it up guys and gals and keep up with your updates!

Ok guys and gals that is great and i’m glad to see that you have all been making dailly entries, as will i from now on.

basically i’m an experienced fat faster and this is my 9th comprising of 2 3.5 week ones and 5 2 week ones and one one week one.

i do them all using nothing but a multivit and vit c and fishoil and flax but everything else comes from real food, i stay as close to zero carbs as possible. this time round it is a longer one stopping on the 1st oct with two carb up days in between. i am hoping to drop to 154 lbs, not many people want to go that low but it would put me in at 6% which is my goal. i am of the wiry and strong frame of mind akin to pavels ideas comined with renegade training (amazing for fat loss by the way).

started on monday and am still going strong, felt a moment of weakness about ten mins ago and nearly ate some cereal but i read u’r posts and was inspired so i’m not going to now or again until my carb up on a week on sat.

report soon

Hey folks, good to read your posts as I’ll be on the FF as of October 1. Could you guys also post your results in the follow couple of weeks after you stop the FF…? So we can all guage how to come off it in the best way possible, see what works for people and what doesn’t. Cheers.

End of Day 9. Today and yesterday I’ve felt good and had good workouts. Lost total of 10 lbs. in 9 days. Abs are now quite visible along with serratus anterior and obliques!! My waist is noticeable smaller and my arms still look as big as ever. Hopefully will overshoot my 15 lb. goal and end up flat lining at a 15 lb. loss after a week on the Don’t Diet (gaining back the water). By the way, I started the New Methoxy and the taste is unbelievable. Taking it is now my favorite time of the day. I’m thinking about using Vitex after finishing my fast because I’m using Androsol for 3 weeks. Should I start it right after or during my last week of androsol use? Thanks for the support and advice.

You are all CRAZY in my book!!! Fuck it though!!! I’ve been thinking of doing this diet for months. I tried then I failed for like 2 months. ON/OFF was my fate. Have any of you tried T2 and MD6??? I’m using both right now and I can’t stand the sight of food!!! I force feed myself protein, tuna, meat, all food cravings KILLED. BIGDAWG, TYLER??? Is that you my fellow canadian??? How did you get the A-sol up to Canada??? How is everyones success with the NEW METHOXY-7 is really more anabolic than ever??? BIGDAWG, by far you are the most experienced with this diet FOR SURE! How does the new MD6 compare to the old one??? If you still living in Canada I know a place that sells ALL the BIOTEST products all but the A-SOL of coarse. Here’s one for ALL YOU GUYS, I’m only 21 am I better off using the A-SOL or should I use the new METHOXY instead. Since I’m not on the Diet yet, I’ll toast up an ICE COLD MOOSEHEAD BEER for you all…hehehe

FFB - let me get this straight, you do the FF w/o ANY supplements, just using whole food? What is your caloric intake - 1/2 BMR like advised, or more? How has your muscle loss been, and your rebound once coming off? I’m interested in this approach, b/c its certainly a money saver (basically, I can’t afford to FF properly!). Cheers =)

Day 11 and 12 pounds down. Bear so far the new MD6 is working fine. Do notice the differnce with the epehdra, but I never minded that jumpy feeling. If you can get the Androsol I would use that, it cost me a fortune in Methoxy last time I did it something like a bottle every 5 1/2 days. It might be a bit cheaper with the new dosing but i would still use the Androsol. I ordered from a place on the net, I got it once and it was refused once by customs, not sure if i will try again as I am out the 160 bucks. So far no drop in strength. Keep it up bros and sista’s

I meant to add, I am going to try T2 this time around. I have not started it yet will wait a couple more days, my reasoning is that I wanted to wait until my body started adapting to the drop in calories. This way I am hoping that the T2 gives me a fat burning boost!

FFB - I’m also interested in your answer to Big Bruvas question. We can’t get shit in Australia, so I’ll only be able to do it with the same supplements you listed.